Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tidings from California

We (my parents and I) arrived in California on Friday night (super late), got all settled, then went to bed. It was a very long drive, but I was fortunate that it was the day after Christmas, so I had lots of literature to tie me over :)

Speaking of... Christmas! It was fantastic! I'd say my favorite gifts were my super cute black boots, my awesome and useful knives, which came in a case that doubles as a cutting board, my three "complete works" books, bringing me up to five total (Shakespeare, Douglas Adams, Lewis Carrol, Poe, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). They look so great next to each other. Also my super cute bookends made by my talented sister, and the super cool 3-D cookie cutters that Kristi brought to the Maroney exchange (when I make them, I'll take pics and post them).

Anyway, first day in California was fantastic. We went to the beach, which is always fun. Then for lunch we ate at this mexican food place that puts guacamole on everything, but had really good fries. Then we came back to Nick and Lindsay's for a while, I read, others napped, I napped a bit too. Then in the evening we had potato soup and watched mixed nuts. Today was also great, we went to the Aquarium, then walked along the street that was lined with all kinds of fun shops. We found Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and ate there for lunch. Then we walked for a while again, and then came back and watched Bones (again I napped and read for a good portion of the Bones-watching). And now, we are making dinner, and will probably watch Bones or something else for the rest of the evening.

Other updates - I finally got a picture of me and Justin! So now you can all see what he looks like. Also, just to note, I was wearing my new boots in this picture, which have about a three to four inch heel. And he's still that much taller than I am :)
Other than that, not much to say. It's been a super fun trip thus far, and looks to continue as such. If I knew how to make one of those photo videos, I'd put up my pics from the trip, but it's too much effort to upload them all onto the blogger website. So, use your imagination. Or, if you really want to see them, teach me how to get one of those video things. :)
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I felt kind of bad for not posting in such a long time, but then I realized, it hasn't even been a week. But my life has been so full, and so busy, it feels like it's been a month!
All the days kind of blur together, but mostly, it's been shopping in the day with my mother, or working on tutus (still haven't gotten around to wrapping), or taking a nap. And why do I need a nap? After all, I'm off work, I should be able to go to bed early, no homework, wake up later... haha that's not so much happening. I've been staying up until about one every night, and waking up anywhere from seven to eight thirty. Because, my evenings have been so preoccupied, that I feel like I need to wake up fairly early in order to get anything done. And granted, six hours of sleep is adequate. But not for a week. I'm a morning person. I'd much rather get six hours from eleven to five, which was standard during school, than from one to seven.
But, I really cannot complain. Completely worth it.
In case the build up has been driving you crazy, sorry, you're going to be disappointed. Maybe. I've spent every evening the past week with Justin. So, yeah, that's how it's been worth it.
Well, I'm very tired, so I'm going to stop writing now, and go to bed.
Merry Christmas!
Thanks for reading!

Friday, December 19, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

So, this week has been pretty great :)
I've been working, I had my dance "final" to get an A+ (and always get talked into taking a dance class next semester, even though I already have 17 credits. Still debating whether to take one or not...), I found out I got an A in pscyh! Hooray! I thought I'd get a B, but apparently the teacher curved it, so my 87.5 turned into an A! Hey, no complaining here! Still waiting for my english and latin grades to be posted. They should hopefully both be A's.
And, the real reason for this post: I have a boyfriend now :) I'm sure if you read my last post, you can guess who. At lesat, Kristi was able to. Justin. Yep. So, that's pretty exciting :) I won't bore you with all the little things going through my mind right now, because that would make for a long entry! But, he is coming to dinner on Sunday night, for the Maroney side. So that should make most of my siblings happy, they can finally meet him. Sorry Ashley. You should try to drop by for a moment! Or, you know, I'm sure there will be other opportunities to meet him.
Ooh, just have to point this little detail out: he's 6'5". Yes, you read that right. He's four inches taller than I am! I can wear heels with him!
Obviously that's not the reason I'm going out with him, but boy oh boy is it a nice perk :)
Also, I started work on the tutus I'm making for Christmas presents, and they are turning out super cute! I'll take a picture when I'm done with all the different colors so you can see how cute they are. And then also after Christmas, I'll get a picture of the girls wearing them. That will be a better picture :)
Yesterday was a good day. At eleven o'clock, an hour before I was supposed to go into work, I got a call from the Gilbert office manager. Apparently the power was out at the financial building, so he told me not to come in. Um, hmm, okay! No complaints here :) I was able to go over to Ashley's and just chill with her, and then she helped me get started on the tutus. It was a fun afternoon! And then in the evening, I went to see the temple lights with my friend Randi, who's not a member of the church, and has only seen the temple lights once, so that was cool. And so far, I'm doing good on my goal of seeing the lights at least once a week :) I never get tired of going to see them. Really, I never get tired of going to see the temple, lights or no lights.
That's the news with me. Looking forward to Christmas and all the fun giving involved, and very glad I'm done with the shopping I need to do :) Now I just need to finish the tutus, and wrap! Voila!
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Living large in LA... or AZ...

But AZ didn't make it an alliteration.
So, I'm "studying" right now... as you can clearly tell. Here, I'll study for real:
(masc, fem, neut)
N: is ea id
G: eius eius eius
D: ei ei ei
Ac: eum eam id
Ab: eo ea eo
N: ei eae ea
G: eorum earum eorum
D: eis eis eis
Ac: eos eas ea
Ab: eis eis eis
And now I check to see if I got it right... HA! Yes! I did it!
Okay, that was boring for you to read. ANYWAY, that's what I've been doing all week. Studying for my Latin final, which is tomorrow, which I really don't even need to do that well on, but I have a feeling it's going to be a doozy of a test. That class is ridiculous. I actually have to study for it! What's with that?
Tomorrow is also baking day, which I look forward to with great anticipation. I love to bake. And even more than that, I love to eat what other people bake. So, I'm excited for that. Also I love spending time with my family. Aw. And not having work!!!
So, boy situation: I went on a few dates with Ryan, it was fun, but we aren't going to go on anymore dates. Mutual decision. And last night I went out with this guy named Justin, I've been out with him once before last night, he plays the trombone, went to Taiwan on his mission and speaks Mandarin Chinese. He's taller than me, and he's 21. That's pretty much all the important details... oh, he's also in the marching band, plays the trombone. We're going out carolling and to see the temple lights on saturday.
I made a goal to see the temple lights at least once every week this season. Because last year I only ended up seeing them once, and that is simply not enough! So far, I'm on track! I went last week with Ryan, this week I'm going with Justin, next week I'm taking my friend Randi (girl), and then the week after that is Christmas, so I'll go with my family! I'm a winner at achieving goals!
Well, I really ought to get back to studying. I've been procrastinating long enough! I'm so ready for it to be nine o'clock tomorrow so I can be DONE for the semester. And done with Latin FOR EVER! I'm so excited to take French again. It's so much easier!
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Becomming Old

I believe my brother-in-law put it best, when he said "you went to bed at 8:30? You're an old fogie!"
Old fogie, is apparently what I am. Because I fell asleep at 7:30 today. I woke at a little after 8 to the sound of Mario (my cell phone's ring tone), and after seeing the caller id, decided it was okay to have been waken. Plus I have to change and take out my contacts and such before I can really go to bed.
Last week was c-r-a-z-y. I went out just about every night, then that weekend went to Sedona with the family, all my siblings and their spouses except Nick and Lindsay (who were missed, sadly. Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!), and did not get a lot of sleep this weekend either. So, after eight days in a row of averaging five hours of sleep (one night I did get six, but another night I ended up with closer to four), I am plum tired. Just in time for finals!
Although to be fair, I only have one final left: latin. The final of all finals. The killer of the bees, the meanest of the bullies... can you tell I'm not looking forward to this test? Friday... blah. All my others were either final papers, a dance final (piece of cake!), or a non-cumulative final, which I had on monday. So, one left. And it's the hardest. Oh well, I have a solid A, I'd have to get somewhere in a C/D range to drop down to a B. Still, I'd like to do well on the test. Luckily I have thursday afternoon for studying!
So, I think I'm going to go to bed again after this. I'm so t-t-t-tired (that's the equivalent of a blog-yawn). It's pathetic, but I'm a college student. I sleep all break, so that I can go the entire semester without sleep. I'm like a bear. I hibernate, and then go for weeks without any sleep. Commence hibernation mode... now!
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Memories, all alone in the moonlight...

Sounds like fun...
1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I have together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments. We all have some sort of memory... SO DO IT :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

The End.

I did it! I finished my novel.
Total count: 126 pages
64,684 words
It feels weird. I've never finished a novel before. I've never written those fantastic words: The End. It feels WEIRD!!!!! I'm not sure if it's in a good or bad way, either.
Both, I think. But it is kind of sad, knowing it's over. And now, let the editing process begin.
Actually, let me take a little break first... too much time with this novel! I need a break. A well earned break.
Holy crap! I wrote a novel! I FINISHED a novel. I've never finished anything before! It's weird, having to tie everything together. I'm in a state of... weirdnes... I don't know how to describe it. It's a neat feeling. And it totally applies with how I ended my book too. Because it's officially a book now, I decided. Yep.
Just thought I'd update you. I wrote a novel!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Over the Edge

And lovin' it!
Meaning: I finally hit 50,000 words!
Granted, my story isn't quite finished. But it's close. I'll be able to finish by the end of the month.
But I did it! I wrote 50,000 words in 24 days! Wahoo! I celebrated with delicious sparkling cider. Mmm...

That's all. :-D Thanks for reading.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekend Highlights.

So, want to hear about my amazingly awesome day yesterday? Well I'm going to tell you, right... now! So, I took my Latin test in the morning, and I thought I'd bomb it, because I didn't really study a lot. Or, um, at all, until about an hour before the test... and then I took it, and it was actually really easy! I'm thinking high b, low a, which is good, because that means my grade is fine! Then, well I had work, and work is work. But AFTER work, I went and looked at a house to potentially move into for next semester, and by george I think I've found it! It is SO much better than every other house I've looked at. Good sized room, nice roomies, around my age, good price, super close to ASU. I'm really excited! I'm the only one that has looked at it so far, and I basically said yes I want to move in, so now all I have to do is call over and confirm everything, set up when to sign the contract and such, and I'm done! YAY! Finally! I'll be moving in on January 19th (MLK day), and with my school schedule, I have school mon/wed/fri and work tues/thurs, so I think I'll request work off on the 19th, so that I can have plenty of time to get everything all unpacked and situated. AH, I'm so excited!!And then AFTER that, I actually had time to eat dinner, which I wasn't sure I would, so that was good! And then after THAT, I went on a date! It was SUPER fun! It was a group date, there were four of us, and we met up at Fry's (meaning the two couples. Justin still picked me up, don't worry!), and the guys were being all secretive (I totally figured it out though, because I'm a genius), and so Justin (my date) had two notecards, and Ryan (the other guy, in case you weren't sure) took one, and we took the other and we went and got the two items on our list. And didn't show the other couple. Then we went to Justin's house, and it was revealed: we were going to make mud pudding cups. The pudding with the oreo's on top and the gummy worms poking through. Except, there was a catch. So we flipped a coin to decide who would be making it, who would be directing it. The guys made it. Blindfolded. :-)Half way through we switched, to keep it fun. It was intense! I used a blender blind! But it was super fun. And then after we played boggle. And Ryan and I won, he beat me by one point! Grr. But it was SO fun! Basically, an awesome day.

And tonight I am going to my first ever nano write in! Basically a bunch of nano-ers get together at a coffee shop (because most writers drink coffee) and we write together! It sounds lame, put like that, but if you actually know anything about them, I'm very excited! I've wanted to go to one since my first year doing it, but time has been mean, and kept me from it. Tonight, however, I am free as a bird, and don't feel bad coming home late (like eleven, because I still like sleep! This one is an overnighter, but obviously I'm not staying until six in the morning!), because I won't have to wake up my parents. I always feel bad coming home late and waking up my parents to tell them I'm home.

So hopefully I'll be able to get ahead on my word count again. I fell a tiny bit behind because I literally had no time to write yesterday (I barely had time to eat dinner!), but I will definitely be able to catch back up tonight, and probably get pretty far ahead. Yay for super fun weekends!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

C-C-C-Catching up!

So, this past week I fell behind on my nanowrimo novel... :-( I got sick, had two tests and an english paper. That's the excuse I'm going with anyway. SO it was very exciting for me to hit 20,000 words today! I'm almost caught up! (I should be at 25K words... not bad, not bad!). And now I have hope of catching up. And not having it take the whole rest of the month to catch up. I am fairly certain that I can be fully caught up by tomorrow. Goal for tomorrow is 26,672, which is really not that bad. I mean, it's a lot, but I wrote 5,000 words today, why not 6 thou tomorrow? Right? Write? haha pun...
Anyway, that's my life right now. And I almost just said that's my life write now... gosh I'm a nerd. Oh well, I love it! Yay nerds!
And I honest to goodness cannot think of anything else to say... umm... my life is consumed by writing... and I have no other life... how sad. And yet not sad at all. Because one day, I will change someone's life with the written word. They will see life in an entirely different way, and it will be because of me. And when nerds walk into a bookstore, they will be able to pick up a book with my name on the cover, smell the new book smell, and tingle with anticipation of a well written novel.
Granted, I'm a long way from there... I mean, nanowrimo is about writing quantity, not quality. So even if I do end up publishing what I'm working on right now, there would be EXTENSIVE editing before I even sent it to a prospective publisher, and after that lots more editing, and then lots more stuff that I don't really know about yet... and then finally my book would be in print on bookshelves across the country! Dang that would be cool. Like, my dream, right now, is to be able to walk into a barnes and noble, go over to the sci fi section (that's what genre I'm writing right now), and see a book written by me on the shelf. And secretly sign it and leave a note in it saying how awesome of a book it is, and walk away. Mwahaha evil author... I wonder if they would think it was fake... curious. Very curious. Makes me want to do it some time, when I'm published. (WHEN, not if. If is such an ugly, unnecessary word.)
So, that's my life. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Updates on Life

So, obviously the most important updates are always centered around boys :D
I went out with a guy named Ryan last night, we played racquetball and then cards, it was really fun! I really suck at racquetball, but it was my first time playing, so that was a good excuse. And he was a good teacher. I can now actually keep it going for a while, and I even scored a few points! We might go out to Kat's Korner this weekend, which will be super fun, because I don't suck at dancing :). That's how I met him, he's in my latin dance class, and he saw me at the institute building once I guess and asked if I was LDS, and, well, I am, and told him so, and he is too! He went to Mexico on his mission. And really enjoys speaking spanish, which just cracks me up.
Anyway, not doing too hot on my novel, I have fallen a bit behind, but still plenty of time to catch up. Once wednesday is over, I'll have a lot more time to write. I'll be less worried about papers and tests and the likes. SPEAKING of which, I totally rocked my Latin test! Yay! I was worried, because it was the first one where we went from focusing on nouns to verbs, and was supposed to be really hard, but really wasn't hard at all! I definitely got an A.
Also, I think I've found the place I'm going to move into. When I was more actively looking at places, this one girl said the guy who she rented from was renting out another house, but could never get more details, but she is moving home at the end of the semester to save money, and wanted to offer her room to me before advertising it. It's a really good price, and SUPER DUPER close to campus, so I said I'm definitely interested, but want to look at it before making a definite decision. So sometime soon I'll be taking a look, and hopefully it will all work out! That would be fantastic! Not that I don't love my home... but yeah... anyway...
Not much else going on here.
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Incredibly morose

So, all this crap is keeping me from both studying for Latin and working on my nanovel, which is no bueno, because I'm actually really stressed about the test and the test I have next week and the fact that I have a work meeting the night before... stupid work... and I'm just really stressed about the remainder of the semester, because there's a lot to do in a little time.
But, I cannot go without speaking, because it will just stress me out more.
I read Lindsay's blog today, and almost cried. Within my own family, there is so much hurt and anger, and I just wish people could be more accepting of each other. I enjoy being able to talk back and forth with all of you, because I see some of you so infrequently, it's nice to know what's going on.
So I plead with everyone who reads everyone's blogs. Can we just leave this all behind us? Can we just move on, acknowledge that we have differing points of view, and go back to loving each other? Because I love all of you. You're my family, and you all have traits that make me love you for who you are. And politics will not change that. We are all entitled to our opinions, yes, and we are all entitled to voice them. But is it worth it to do so, when it is tearing us apart? As a family, as a country? My opinion is no. And so, I am renouncing the discussion of politics on my blog, and I hope we can all get past this and move on. Because it makes me sad that all of this has happened, and I hope I have not hurt anyone's feelings, and if I have, I'm sorry, and now let's discuss other things.

On the note of other things: current word count: 9,505! Still on track! Because I haven't finished writing for today. Holy cow, I'm supposed to be almost a fifth of the way done? And I only just barely started chapter two! I think my novel is going to be longer than the goal of 50,000... :D
Also, I've officially registered for spring classes: eng 200, eng 213, world geography, college algebra, and French 111. I'm excited for french! I was looking, and I'm considering a minor in french, because I would only have to take like, three extra classes, and I really do miss french. And it's also significantly easier than latin.
Also, I'm really really tired... too many nights of little sleep...
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election 2008

To everyone who is saying crap about Obama:
I realize that you're sore and bitter from losing. I lost too! But complaining about how horrible of a person Obama is won't change anything. Except that it will tear this country apart. With so much crap going on in the world, we can't afford to have our country torn apart. So, suck it up, deal with it, or move to Mexico. Obama is the President Elect. Maybe you don't agree with his ideas, maybe you think he's the scum of the earth, I don't honestly give a darn. Because he's going to be the next president, and therefore, he deserves our support. It's really not going to have THAT big of an impact on your daily life anyway. And if he really is as bad as you all think, then the next election we'll get a republican again. Just stop freaking complaining! We need to be united! I hate political parties, and elections. They tear the country apart. And that's not what America is to me.
To all of you who agree with me, sorry, I just had to get that out there. It's really bothering me. Politics. Sheesh.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, Goodbye World

Happy Halloween! May the spooks follow you, and may you have occasion to be scared. :-)

Tonight begins National Novel Writing Month. And I'm VERY excited!!! I thought of a plot last friday, and I've been thinking about it since then, fleshing it out, getting more and more ideas until I don't know what to do with them! I'm going to start at 12:00 tonight, stay up until I'm too tired to write coherently, go to sleep, wake up, clean my room, and spend the rest of the day writing. With maybe a brief pause to do, you know, homework. So, basically, starting tomorrow, you won't be hearing from me a lot on this little blog thingy, because most of my spare writing time will be dedicated to my novel (that's the "Goodbye World" part of the title. Goodbye, blog world, hello nanowrimo world!). I'll try to put updates every now and then, and in the middle of Week Two I'll probably write about how my novel sucks and I shouldn't finish (week two is always the killer), but then in Week Three I'll be all optimistic again and excited to finish, so, that's how my month will be. AH, I'm so excited!! And impatient! And HOLY COW I'm a nerd. Oh well, I can live with that. :-) Good thing, too, because otherwise I guess I'd have to die. And I don't want to die! Not yet anyway! I need to write my novel, get married, have kids, and be published before I die!
I'm in a crazy mood! Because I'm so excited for tonight! Hope everyone enjoys this happy halloween, and I'll see you in November!
Thanks for reading!
P.S. So, twice in a row I almost ended without saying "thanks for reading" but I feel like I HAVE to put it now on every post. So, even though I could have ended it with "I'll see you in November" I had to add "thanks for reading" because it's kind of like my signature now... Oh bother.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I had a Eureka! moment yesterday. Although I admit, I didn't run through the streets of Chandler naked. Not that kind of Eureka! (P.S. Anyone know what I'm referencing here?)
I was sitting at work, listening to the Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack. And it was playing the song "If I were a rich man". And I was thinking, you know, it's funny how people think, if only I had some money, then I'd be happy. But if they're unhappy without money, having money might make them happier for a bit, but it won't really make them happier, not in the long run. They'll still have all their old problems, now they'll just also have more ice cream. So then I was thinking, you know, that's kind of like me. Sometimes I think, I'd be so much happier if I just had a boy. And maybe at first I would. But I'd still have all my stupid little doubts, worries, and unhappinesses (not a word, ask me if I care) that I have now. Getting a boyfriend or husband doesn't magically make you happier.
Not that I'm unhappy, mind you. Especially now that I'm in college. I'm enjoying college SO much more than high school. High school was good and all, but college is just a whole other... thing. I don't know how to describe it, but I absolutely love college. And I've actually been really happy most of this year. Calendar and school year. But, I always have that little part of me saying, I could be happier if I had a guy.
And maybe I would be happier. But who cares? I need to take charge of life, and enjoy as much as possible. Because, (I just read a book where the chick died, that's why my train of thought is going this way. Very sad book, but very good.) I could die any day, any time. Who knows? That's not something that can be predicted. I mean, the second coming is close, yes, but there are still some signs that have to be fulfilled, so I know I've got some time for that one. But there's no way of knowing when my time is up. Now, I sincerely hope my time doesn't come before I get married, but it's not impossible. Plus, what if I don't get married until I'm like thirty? So, I've decided I no longer care [as much] about guys. Obviously I'll still care some. Because I'm an eighteen year old girl, with a very cute guy in her institute class who should really ask her out again. But, I don't [need] a guy to be happy. Because my life rocks! I have so much to be happy about! Booksigning tomorrow, national novel writing month in five days (it's practically the end of today), adorable nieces and nephews who are just SO dang cute... yep, lots to be happy about in my life. And if I don't get married for another fifteen years, (that would suck) I'd be okay. I could handle it. Because whatever the Lord has in store for me, there's nothing I can do to change it anyway, so why complain? Just take it and run with it!
That's my outlook right now. :-)
Thanks for reading!

Monday, October 20, 2008


So, after my last post, and a comment I received on it (love you mommy!), I feel the need to clarify. I'm not crazy. Well, that's not true, I am. BUT, I'm not going to get married just to continue a trend. Or just to get married. I'll get married when I'm good and ready, to the right guy at the right time at the right place. I may be impatient, but I'm not going to rush it and screw up the rest of my life. Just needed to clarify that for you all.
That being said, I'm very excited for tomorrow! First time I'll see Jason after our date. Did I mention how much fun the date was? Maybe once... or twice... or... anyway, I'm happy it's almost Tuesday. I realized, the way the date was set up, we pretty much just spent six hours talking to each other. Yeah, we talked to other people, but you know what I mean. It was fun. :-)
And I need to spend less days up until... really early... reading books. :-) I read Paper Towns on Saturday. And I mean, I read ALL of Paper Towns on Saturday. Although does it count, since I technically went over to very early on Sunday morning? Hmm... Anyway, it's an absolutely AMAZING book! If you get a chance to read it, I highly recommend it. Although most of the people who read this won't like it, but I liked it. And I really liked the ending. I'm one of those weird people who thinks the happy endings are cliche, and this one, while not being a sad ending, wasn't a happy ending either. It was just kind of an ending. But a beautifully crafted ending, leaving me wanting more! But satisfied with what I got, at the same time. You know? Excellent read. Also very well written. It's sad to me that Twilight is way more read that anything by John Green, even though John Green is so much better of an author. But, that's from an English major's standpoint.
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wedding Circles

So, my family has this circle of weddings thing going on. And I'm going to attempt to use it to my benefit. Hopefully.
Here's what has happened: Ashley took Zach to Ross and Kimberly's wedding, and they ended up married. Roy took Kerry to Ashley and Zach's wedding, and they ended up married. Mark took... Ashley? Rachel? Some girl whose name I forgot to Roy and Kerry's wedding, and they're now engaged to be married. So, the way I see it is, I caught the bouquet, so if I can manage to find a guy to take to Mark and Girl's wedding, then I'll be good to go! I've got a while, I figure, because they only just got engaged. This weekend? I think? Not to sure on any of the details, clearly... :-)
So, that's my new goal.
P.S. I'm excited and impatient for Tuesday, so I can see Jason again! I have no patience when it comes to guys... again, clearly.
That's all! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sittin' on a corner in Winslow Arizona

That song has been stuck in my head all day. I was watching the news this morning, and it was giving the weather, and it said what it would be in Winslow, and BAM that song just popped into my head. Which would be okay, except that and the chorus are the only parts I know...

It's about one o'clock in the morning. And I'm wide awake. You may be wondering, isn't that pretty late to be up, considering you have work tomorrow at seven? My answer: yes, it is! But totally worth it!
And now, the explanation. I went on a date! It was really, really fun! I went with Jason, he's in my tues/thurs institute class (World Religions with Brother Wold). He's taller than me (score!), smart, nerdy (which is fantastic), plays the piano, economics major, went on a mission to Washington and is very sad that he doesn't know any foreign languages. He wants to learn Mandarin, and I asked him if he had any idea what he was getting himself into ;-). This is his last semester of college, he's twenty four, works at Chase currently, and doesn't know what he wants to do with his degree. He's really fun! I thoroughly enjoyed tonight. It was a big group thing, there were about fourteen of us, we went out into the desert by some random bat caves, had a bbq and bonfire, one guy brought his guitar and made up a song about two of the people who went and stood by the fire to see who could stand the heat for longer... very amusing song. Anyway, it was a really fun time, met lots of new people, got to know Jason better, and had a blast! First official date of college! Woo hoo!
I'm tired though, so I think I'm going to save all other updates for another time. Thanks for readign!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Catching the Bouquet

So, yesterday was Roy and Kerry's wedding. It was good, but it was very weird seeing my dad up there being a minister. There was dancing, and I had a blast with Jenny. We played "find the color". There were these two disco ball type things, and so we had to find a certain color and try to stand on it. And then Jenny did her first ever line dance, it was a pretty simple one, just walk left, then right, then kick, then turn. She enjoyed it, and it was so fun watching her. Then, Kerry threw the bouquet, and guess who caught it? Well, not so much catch, as go over and pick it up. She threw it a bit far, so it was behind everyone, and I was on the side, so I could go around the little pillar and get it. So, it's official, I'm going to be the next one to get married. Haha if only that could be true.

In my last post, I mentioned being obsessed with Nerdfighters. And Lindsay asked me what Nerdfighters are, and I'm sure she wasn't the only one wondering. Well, it's actually very random, but I'll explain. There are these two brothers, Hank and John Green, and they decided to go for an entire year without any textual communication. So they make video blogs every weekday, alternating days. So like, on Monday Hank with make a vlog, then Tuesday John with respond to it, then Wednesday is Hank again, then Thursday is John, etc. And in this vlogging, they came up with Nerdfighters. There was this arcade game in an airport John was at called Nerdfighters, and he wondered if that meant they were nerds fighting, or if they were fighting against nerds. Well, if you watch any of the videos, you'll see very quickly that both brothers are incredibly nerdy. So, they decided to become "nerdfighters", nerds who fight. And what did they decide to fight against? WorldSuck. The sucky things in the world. It's all just kind of them being silly, but it's really entertaining. If you're interested, you can go to It's just another way for me to procrastinate doing my homework :)

Anyway, updates on writing I believe are in store. So, as you know, October is 30X30 month, and one day writing I stumbled on a plot. So, this might turn into a project for the rest of the year (meaning not November), because I really would like to see this finished. I've been working on it throughout November, I'm not sure how many words I have, because a lot of it is handwritten, and I haven't had a chance to type it all up yet. Once I do, I'll let you know. But it's shaping up pretty nicely. And I think I've decided that for November, I'm going to start cold. I'm going to sit down at midnight on November first with no plot in mind, and just start typing. It's more fun that way. :) Plus I requested November first off work (it's a saturday, I work saturdays from seven to twelve), so that I can stay up and start at midnight, and then use the whole day to get ahead on word count. And, just a warning, most of what I talk about for November will probably be novel related. That's just how I roll.

This week are midterms for dance, and they will be taped. So, when I get the url for it, I'll put it up here so you can all see me be graceful and elegant. Oh wait, it's latin, so, you can all see me bust a move! :)

Anyway, hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm doing this against my will and better judgment.

I've Been Tagged
1 - NaNoWriMo
2 -family
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6 - food
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8 - school?

1 - great scott!
2 - Welcome to the conversation
3 - dork
4 - why do you talk? - wow, I'm mean
5 - That's awesome
6 - That's silly
7 - I love you - mostly just to family :)
8 - what the heck?

1 - get married
2 - have kids
3 - have grandkids
4 - become a published author
5 - get a PhD
6 - go on a mission with my future husband
7 - live somewhere other than the valley of the sun
8 - go sky diving! Not really, I couldn't think of anything else :)

1 - how to dance
2 - how to read
3 - how to write
4 - how to dance well
5 - how to read well
6 - how to write well
7 - that family is more important than living somewhere that's not blasted hot
8 - No matter how impatient I am, the Lord is going to move at his own pace. So stop being so impatient!

1 - Denmark
2 - Hawaii
3 - the Bahamas
4 - Alaska
5 - France
6 - NYC
7 - Disneyworld
8 - Finland

1 - need to do my homework
2 - need to get more sleep
3 - need to see my nieces and nephews more
4 - want to go on a date
5 - want it to be November
6 - want to be less impatient for getting married
7 - want pugsley to stop barking - he's very noisy during the day, apparently
8 - need to iron for work

Anyone who hasn't already done this?
Your mom! tee hee hee

Sunday, October 5, 2008

woah here she comes

For some unknown reason that song is stuck in my head.

So, it is officially October! Holy cow, where did September go? Hello and goodbye to September, and hopefully October goes just as quickly.
October is the month of 30X30, where I try to write thirty minutes every day in preparation for National Novel Writing Month in November (heretofore called nanowrimo.) And the goal of Nanowrimo is to write 50,000 words in a month. The goal for October is to get me into the habit of writing on a daily basis, which to be honest, I pretty much do with having homework, but hey, creative writing is fun! :) I thoroughly enjoy it.
On the nanowrimo forums (yes, there are forums, and yes I go on them, frequently.) there's a thread with writing prompts for each day. On October third, the prompt was "it looked a mile to her feet" so I started writing in a desert landscape. You're supposed to use the phrase in the text, but I got carried away with my characters and such that I forgot about the phrase until they'd already "teleported" to another planet. Not really teleport, but I don't know how else to describe it. Anyway, it's turning out to be an interesting plot so far, I might turn it into a short story to carry out throughout the month of October.
So, in this short story, one of my characters is half elf, and my mom asked what the other half was. To be honest, I don't know. I'd played with the idea of making her half elf half dwarf, because it would be interesting to play with the relationship of her parents. But then my mom was listing animals, lions, panthers, and I said no, that's weird. So she said make her half elf, half leprechaun. Leprechaun! Leprechauns don't exist! That's absurd! And especially not in science fiction/fantasy stories, which is what mine will be. My mother is crazy. But, that's where all my creative brilliance comes from, is my insanity, so for that I must thank her.
Midterms are coming up in school, I'm not too worried. But that's because I'm a test taker. I do better at tests than stupid in class worksheets. I'm excited for my dance midterm, because the teacher is recording it and then is going to put it on youtube, so I can watch myself dance! I'll put the link on here so you can all watch me be beautiful and graceful :)
Conference was absolutely fantastic, as always. I love those spiritual weekends just jam packed with richness. They make me happy, and make me determined to be a better person. Which, let's face it, I could stand to be a better person most days.
I can't think of anything else to say right now, so I suppose I'll just go. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

When life gives you lemons, listen to swing music!

I figured out this week that when I'm not in a good mood, if I listen to swing music, I suddenly am! It was an amazing discovery. I was listening to my ballroom music cd on thursday, and on the way home from school the two swing songs on the cd played, and I was all upbeat and happy, but then when it went back to the latin music, I wasn't as happy. Still happy and dancy, but not AS happy. So then I scoured the house (with the help of my wonderful mother) for some more swing cds, and I've been listening to nothing else since! Well except today, because I always listen to church music on sundays. But other than that. :) I just need to get some more blank cds so I don't have to steal my mom's, because I know she hates that. Trip to walmart, here I come! Unless someone knows anywhere to get them cheaper. Oh, and also stamps! I don't know where to buy stamps other than the post office, and that's not in my way anymore, it's out of the way. Unless someone has a bunch of extra they want to give me, but that's doubtful.

So on Saturday night I went dancing at the Kat's Korner, it was so much fun! I just met some people there, so I could stay longer and not have to worry about it, so I basically just danced for four hours straight. I got home and my legs were so tired, but it was totally worth it. I'm so addicted to dancing. I watch some of the people out there, and I think, holy cow, I want to be that good! I really like dancing with good leads, I know enough about following that even though I don't know the moves, I can keep up, so it's way more fun with them! Plus I learned a little bit of charleston! Neat!

This week, not too much going on. I'm doing another psychology study, meh, I AM excited that it is my last week of ASU 101. The most stupid class on the face of the planet. I will be so happy to no longer waste an hour of my life every week about how horrible global warming is, and how if we just educated women everywhere, that would control the population. What?! That doesn't even make sense. It does in a twisted sort of way, but it's like we were talking about in my psych class, correlation does not mean causation. Maybe education of women and population growth are related, but it doesn't mean one causes the other! That was the weirdest idea I've heard from that class. Partly because I only understand half of what the teacher says.

I'm definitely getting psyched for Nanowrimo. Like, very excited. I think I can do it. I have less homework than last year, and I don't have a dance concert to take up two and a half weeks, which was mostly what killed me last year. I'm optimistic, to say the least.

Kristi, if you're reading this, I miss you! I don't like the sunday's you go to the Tolman's, because it means I don't get to see all of you. And that makes me sad :( Just so you know.

Lindsay, I know you're reading this, because you always respond (I love that you do, too, it makes me feel like, hey, people actually read this! The only other clue I have is if my parents are reading it and I walk into the room). But, I miss you and Nick too. You guys understood and appreciated my sense of humor so much more than anyone else, it seemed. Or at least you showed it more. This girl I was training at work this week (she was insane, I swear. Very strange, at the very least), she would say these incredibly stupid things and laugh, and when I wouldn't laugh, she would look at me like I was crazy. She actually said to me after one of these incidents, "(fowl word here) you don't have a sense of humor at all." And I sat there thinking, man alive, you're an idiot! Because I had been using my own sense of humor frequently, the satirical, cynical kind, where I make fun of her without her realizing it, and I thought to my self, who doesn't have a sense of humor? So, I miss that. That you understood my sense of humor, and appreciated it. Plus you're just fun to be around!

Sarah, I don't know if you read these at all, but if so, I miss you too. I love it when you come up to visit, and wish you did so more often. You're so fun to talk to, and we have such similar interests, it's fantastic!

Just had to get that out there. Everyone I always see, I love you too, but I always see you, so I can say that in person! I really do love my family, and appreciate everything you all do, so much. Sometimes I'm not great at showing it, and if I'm having a bad day, I can be moody, I know. But I really do love you all, and I'm so greatful for all of the different things you all do for me, whether you do them on purpose or it's just your nature.

Anyway, school tomorrow, I should go to bed. Which really means read for another hour and THEN go to bed :) Thanks for reading!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Early Morning Post

Because that's the only time I have that I'm in a quiet house and can think without distractions. :) you're loud too, mom and dad!

Not much has happened this week, to be honest. I have a latin test today, I'm hoping I do well. Last one I got a ninety eight, good ol' extra credit questions! Got to love those! I'm hoping I do equally well today. We'll see I guess.

School has been normal. I'm learning to play pool, which is fun. Especially when guys start teaching me :). I'm slowly getting better, but I can actually get the balls into the pockets I intended now! Not all the time, about half the time, but that's still way better than before!

I got the new book Brisingr on saturday, and have barely had an opportunity to read it. I'm only a hundred pages in, after an entire week! That is shameful. It's pretty good so far. I like the plot. I'm starting to get annoyed by Paolini's style though. It's so... formal? I don't know. Like, he'll say, we could not go to the store, for there was no means of transportation. He uses "for" a lot in that way, and the more I read the more it bothers me. Plus, sometimes the characters talk like they are knights in the middle ages, and other times they talk modern. Pick one! That's just me being picky though, and knowing that it got published because his parents are publishers. Where's the justice in that? Psh! No, it is a good book though. The style actually reminds me a lot of one of my ex's writing style. It bothered me when we were dating, and even more after, and now it's manifesting itself in a published book... :P

Speaking of writing, it would be so cool to get published! That's a dream of mine: to someday get published. Then all of you would know a published author! Neat!

I think this weekend I'm going to go to Kat's Korner with some friends on saturday night after the relief society broadcast. I want to go out dancing, it's so much fun!

Oh, and I found out the Christmas party at my work is on December sixth. What bad luck! Because that will screw up our plans for Sedona. I mean, I'd be okay with missing it, as long as I still get the gift, but I'm pretty sure Kristi and Cliff will be helping with all the fun stuff that goes into it, so I'm not sure they'll want/be able to miss it. I'm putting this here, because I'll forget to bring it up at a time when we can all discuss it.

Anyway, that's my life. Wish me luck on my Latin test! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

National Novel Writing Month

NaNoWriMo is November, and it's just around the corner! The goal is to write 50,000 words in a month. Last year, I missed it by about 6,000. There was like, a week and a half where I stopped writing. But I found out later in the month, if I write every day, even if it's only for ten minutes,it is easier to finish. Because if you stop for one day, the next day it's harder to pick up, and each additional day it gets harder to pick up. Whereas if you write every day no matter what, then you remain acquainted with the story. So, this year I am determined to get the 50,000. Today at work I came across a couple of names that were very literary names, it got me excited! I jus need to pick a plot... I havea while though. But I'm getting excited! Plus, I have less of a social life than I did in high school right now, and while I hope that changes by November, if it doesn't, that will make it easier to finish! So, yep. That's what's going on with me today. Thanks for reading!

Another Day, Another Dollar

So, in case anyone pays attention to the time I make posts, yes, it is ridiculously early for a saturday. But I'm going to work at seven, and woke up earlier than I needed to, so, why not blog?
This week has been crazy! Homework and tests gallore! I had a psych test on Wednesday, I have no idea how well I did. Monday I had a rough draft paper for English due, the final is due this monday. Latin, well, I'm always swamped with Latin homework. It's been busy, definitely. I got so little sleep most of this week, so on Thursday I fell asleep at eight, and friday I fell asleep at nine. But I'm feeling well rested now, so hopefully tonight I can manage to stay up later than my parents.
Other than school, not a whole lot has happened this week. I don't know if I mentioned Ryan earlier, he's in my dance class, he's tall and a good dancer. :) Ooh! And in dance, I learned how to do the death drop! It's so much fun. It's where the guy drops me like four inches from the ground. It's way fun.
So, my guy life is pretty much dead... I need to work on that. I've decided I don't care anymore. I'm going to ask out a guy, and if he says no, he's an idiot, but no big deal :) (that was my way of boosting my self esteem since no guys have asked me out yet hee hee). Now I just need to decide which guy I most want to ask out... decisions, decisions... any suggestions are welcome. :)
Yep, that's about the extent of news for me. My friend Allison posted a note on facebook about how she's impatient to be a mother, and how she's excited to do all the fun homemaking things, cooking, cleaning, etc. And it made me impatient. Again. Or, still, rather.
That's about it. Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The same topic as always. It's my life, what can I say?

More boys!

So today in dance I partnered with this guy I haven't ever danced with before: Ryan. One of his first questions was if I'm LDS, because he's seen me at the institute building before! I say yes, and turns out, he is too! He's a really good partner too, because I feel more comfortable with him, because I know he's not just taking dance so he can have close physical contact with girls, if you know what I mean. Plus he's a good lead, he's taller than me, and he's funny! He can talk while we dance, which not all guys can. They can't all split their attention like that. So, I'll probably seek him out to partner with him again on Wednesday.

Plus in dance today I learned how to do the death drop! I've wanted to learn that ever since I saw it! And now I can do it! It's so fun. It was scary the first time, trusting the guy to not drop me and split my head open, but once I got the trust established, it's so invigorating to just release your entire weight and know that there is someone there to catch you. It's a nice adrenaline rush. Oh man, it's just so much fun! :)

FHE tonight is going to be charades, sardines and telephone. Should be interesting. Hopefully :)

Well I should go, I have to get ready for FHE. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Flavor of the week?

Can I say that if I'm not actually dating all the new guys I meet, only liking them?

Anyway, Friday night there was an institute opening social, and I met a whole bunch of new guys! It was way fun. I met Matthew, Aaron, Justin, Michael, Matt, Andrew, and some girls, Victoria, Laura, Beth and Kristin. I met some other people, but those are the ones whose names I remember. :) And I got two phone numbers, Matthew and Aaron, but I am mostly excited about Matthew. He's a little bit older, but only a year older than the last guy I dated, and he only just barely turned 25 in the end of August, so it's really not that big a deal. But he's a really great pianist, he's studying law right now, and he's just really nice. I also met his sister, who was also there, but I only met her for like, ten seconds. But anyway, I'm kind of hoping for something to actually happen with this one. And if it doesn't by the end of next week, then I think I will be sorely tempted to MAKE something happen :) Why do I like older guys? Weird. Oh well. Even in high school I liked a guy who was two years older than me, so I guess it's always been in me.
Speaking of Robby (the guy I liked in high school), he gets back from his mission in April! That makes me feel old, because I went to his farewell. I DROVE to his farewell, and he's coming back now. Wow. His family actually moved to Utah right after he left, so he's coming home to Utah, but he wants to go to ASU apparently, so after his homecoming and all that fun stuff he's going to move down here for schooling. I found all of this out because his sister started working with me. Apparently it's a touchy subject for their family, because of the move, and the fact that he still wants to live here.
So, right now, life is good. I'm contented because the number of guys I know has gone up significantly, and that's always good. Oh, and I learned the name of the cute guy in my institute class who I met on thursday! Eric. But I think he might have a girlfriend. :( Oh well. He's still cute.
That's pretty much it for me. Thanks for reading. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Making friends is difficult

So, it has been a lot harder lately for me to make friends than normal. I don't know why, but I've been having difficulty with that. I mean, yeah, I flirt with all the guys, but it's not getting me anywhere. I've been in school two and a half weeks, and I still don't feel like I fit in. Tuesdays and Thursdays are fine, because in between classes I can talk to Anna, and Daniel if he's at the institute building. But on Monday and Wednesdays, I don't know anyone who has breaks the same time as me, so I just kind of sit and observe people. It's really lonely, and frankly I'm getting sick of it. There isn't even anyone who has more than one class with me. It's not so bad, really, at school I just bring a book and be lonely. It really sucks on the weekends though, when I see on facebook what all my friends from high school are doing in their various locations away from here. And I'm sitting at home reading.
But the good thing is, tomorrow is Thursday, and that means that I'll see Daniel and Anna. And maybe flirt a little with Marc. We'll see what happens.
Today I was at school from 7:30 to 6:30. I had to stay late to take this really dumb english test thing, it basically analyzes how good I am at english now, and then again when I graduate to see how much ASU helped me. It was supposed to last two hours, it took me an hour. Because I write fast. Thank goodness! But the time slots they have available for it were really dumb, so my last class ended at 3:15, and the test didn't start until 5:30. But, for my psychology class, we have to do these research participation things, and we need four credits of them, but only two can be done online. So I managed to sign myself up for one of them in the time between, so it wasn't a complete waste. Still a long day though. But the test was a joke, it was so easy.
Well, that's all that's new in my life. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus ~Mark Twain

That's just a good quote. :)

So, now that I've told the people in person the people who want to hear in person, I can post it on my blog. I would call Lindsay and Sarah too, but it's kind of late, and I only officially decided today, and since then I've had family dinner and a fireside. So, I hope you guys are okay with reading it on my blog.
Anyway, I've decided on a house. I'm going with number two, the house with ducks and the girl who likes musicals. I'm going to call over tomorrow and see if it's still open, and if so find a time to go over there and hash out details and measure the space (because I like to plan where I'll put everything. I'll start packing tomorrow night assuming it's still good to go. I have no idea how long it will take me to pack, because I've never moved, and I have a fatty lot of stuff. Hopefully it won't take too long. I don't want to live out of boxes. Another problem right there... finding boxes. Supposedly they have them behind grocery stores a lot of times and they are free to take. So you can be sure I'll be spending part of tomorrow driving around the back of grocery stores :) I'm pretty excited because it's something new, a little nervous, and definitely wondering where I'll find the time to pack, and after that to move. Because this saturday, I'll probably work in the morning, and then we have bookclub in the afternoon. And the saturday after that seems so far away. So, I might move on a random tuesday. Who knows? But anyway, wish me luck on the packing process. And if anyone has boxes they want to loan me ;-)
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

More on the house hunting front

So today I called three more places and went to one that I called yesterday. Of the three I called today, one of them answered, one of the girls is 32 and the other is 26... no thanks. One of the people who I left a message for, they called back, and apparently all three of them are 26. Again, thanks, but no thanks. I haven't heard back from the other one, but it's in a gated community and it's a bit higher of a price than I'd like, so I probably won't pick that one.
The place I went to today, it was very weird. It's this old lady and her daughter, and they just have a spare room that they rent. I am looking for more of the actual college experiece, you know, living with people my age, that kind of thing. I don't want to be worried about waking up some sixty year old from talking on the phone late at night, you know? Plus it was just weird! And also kind of run down looking. Like, the roof was a nightmare. But, I'm the daughter of a construction worker, what can I say? I notice those things :) (P.S. Thanks for that, daddy!)
So, right now I'm leaning toward house number two. It would be five girls including me, the one with the fruit trees and the ducks. It's cheap, it's the kind of atmosphere I want, the girls are really nice. They have a keyboard, one of the girls is really into music. They have a nice tv, no cable, but I read more than I watch tv anyway, so no harm there. Except missing house, NCIS and Bones. But I can just ask someone to tape those for me. Because everyone loves me enough to do it, right? :) So, tomorrow I'll just double check that this is the right decision, and then go from there! I kind of want to decide quickly, because I really like this place, and I don't want someone else to call and take it. So I feel like I need to decide fast. I know, I'm weird. But, that's life.
That's pretty much all I did today. I'm currently reading Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card (it's in the Ender's Game series - SO good!). I'm not very far, but it's just as good as the others. I'm so addicted to Card right now, it's not even funny.
Yep, that's life. Thanks for reading. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, September 5, 2008

An Adventurous Day

So, I got a listing of LDS people looking for roommates from institute, and I started calling places today. I saw two houses today, and I'm going to see another place tomorrow. It was pretty exciting looking at potential homes to live in.
The first place I went was really kind of weird. This old married couple owns it, and they rent it out to college kids. It can fit seven people, right now four live there. It's kind of shabby and run down looking, kind of white trash-ish. It was really big though, and had a pool. I only met one of the girls there, the others were all out, and she seemed okay. She had just woken up though, so she didn't really talk a lot. I don't know, it was just kind of a weird place. They had all this random furniture, they had three fridges, and nothing really seemed to go anywhere. I don't think I'll go there. Plus it's farther from ASU than I'd like. It was on Stapley and Southern.
The second house I went to was much better. Three girls live there now, another is moving in soon. If I move in there, I can either share a room, or they have this little tiny room I could have to myself. I don't really know which I'd prefer. But they had a nice kitchen, washer and dryer, a really big back yard with fruit trees and ducks (yes ducks. Three of them!), a big tv, wireless internet, a family room... it's really nice. And the girls there were really nice too. One of them likes musicals! :)
Tomorrow I'll go to another place, and we'll see from there. These were the best three from the listing I got, considering price and location. I might look at the next best three depending on how this turns out. But I really liked that second place I went. It had a great atmosphere, and definitely a college atmosphere. Wish me luck for tomorrow on my adventure!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Getting into the swing of things

School today was good. I have a feeling thursdays are going to be my favorite :) not because of the classes I have, but because of the boys I'll see. In institute on thursday I sit next to Marc, who is very cute and spiritual. Then I have a rather significant break between institute and latin, my next class, and I have been hanging out in the game room at the institute building. Last week I met this guy, Daniel, and we had a nice discussion about quantum physics. I know, I'm a nerd, but so is he, which makes it all the better! He was there again today, along with two other cute guys, Brandon and Jordan. Of the three, Brandon is the best looking, but I don't know much about him, other than he's good at ping pong :) but I like that I was able to talk about quantum physics with Daniel the first day we met. Always a good thing. At least when you are a nerd like me. So, thursdays are going to be my fun days.
Latin is turning into a really fun class. It's such an intriguing language. I'm really enjoying myself.
Dance, wow. Dance is my favorite class. No surprise there, but it's just so fun! There are actually as many guys as girls, which is good. The class is moving at a pretty fast pace, which keeps me from getting bored. It's really great too when I get a tall guy for a partner :)
English is actually really fun too. I thought I'd be bored since it's just 102, but we get into a lot of debates. And even though only like, four of us ever actually participate, it's still fun. Especially since I'm the only girl who says anything.
Institute is, of course, a blast. So many guys! Unfortunately, half of the guys in my mon/wed class are married. I don't know about my tues/thurs class, because I mostly only pay attention to Marc, in the guy department.
School, all in all, is going very well. I feel like I'm adjusting well. I just need to find a few more friends, maybe some that are female, just to shake things up. College is really just so much fun. I was right to be impatient for it last year :)
That's really all I have to say for now. Thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day Two of Blogging

So, blogging... that makes me think of that commercial for twix. The girl says something, and the guy says, do you want to go to my apartment? And she says what kind of a girl do you think I am?, and he eats a twix, and then says I thought you were someone who would want to blog about our ideals, and she says, oh, I love blogging! So every time I write something on here, that's what I'll be thinking. Just so you know.

Anyway, college life is excellent, apart from being sick. My list of boys is growing exponentially. I really don't know how I'll get to them all in a semester! I think my first focus will either be Mark (he's in my institute class, I sit next to him. Very cute, and participates a lot in institute which is SO attractive), and this guy who isn't in any of my classes, but we both have a gap on thursdays at the same time, and last thursday we got into a nice discussion about quantum physics. I mean, come on, he's read Alice in Quantumland! How fantastic is that? So those are my top prioritites right now.
Other than the whole boy crazy thing, college is exactly what I wanted it to be, and more. I absolutely love college. Really, if I could be a full time student for the rest of my life, I would SO do it. That would be the absolute best job in the world. Apart from being a mom of course. But really, college is so much fun. I feel bad for anyone who didn't get an opportunity to experience it, because it's just such a fun experience. I sound so nerdy right now, but I really don't care.

So, that's my life. Going to college, learning, getting into debates in most of my classes (in one of my classes, I always take the side I know will have the minority, just for fun. For a challenge. And I usually present better arguments than even the teacher. That's going to be a fun class), flirting it up with cute boys, all the good things in life.
Thanks for reading! :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Peer Pressure

So I've been told I need to get a blog. Normally I ignore these remarks, but considering that it came from Lindsay, and she lives so very far away and can't just talk to me at Sunday dinner, I figured, what the heck. For her, I'll do it, so she can hear just how boy crazy all the rest of you are lucky enough to know I am. :)
I'm procrastinating doing my incredibly stupid homework right now (ASU 101: write a paper on how you plan to be successful at ASU. How cheesy can you get?), but I really should stop procrastinating, so I'll give updates on my life later. Right now, you're just lucky you get a blog. My present to all of you who love me and want to know what is going on. Happy labor day! (don't expect anything next year ;-) ).

Good night!