Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekend Highlights.

So, want to hear about my amazingly awesome day yesterday? Well I'm going to tell you, right... now! So, I took my Latin test in the morning, and I thought I'd bomb it, because I didn't really study a lot. Or, um, at all, until about an hour before the test... and then I took it, and it was actually really easy! I'm thinking high b, low a, which is good, because that means my grade is fine! Then, well I had work, and work is work. But AFTER work, I went and looked at a house to potentially move into for next semester, and by george I think I've found it! It is SO much better than every other house I've looked at. Good sized room, nice roomies, around my age, good price, super close to ASU. I'm really excited! I'm the only one that has looked at it so far, and I basically said yes I want to move in, so now all I have to do is call over and confirm everything, set up when to sign the contract and such, and I'm done! YAY! Finally! I'll be moving in on January 19th (MLK day), and with my school schedule, I have school mon/wed/fri and work tues/thurs, so I think I'll request work off on the 19th, so that I can have plenty of time to get everything all unpacked and situated. AH, I'm so excited!!And then AFTER that, I actually had time to eat dinner, which I wasn't sure I would, so that was good! And then after THAT, I went on a date! It was SUPER fun! It was a group date, there were four of us, and we met up at Fry's (meaning the two couples. Justin still picked me up, don't worry!), and the guys were being all secretive (I totally figured it out though, because I'm a genius), and so Justin (my date) had two notecards, and Ryan (the other guy, in case you weren't sure) took one, and we took the other and we went and got the two items on our list. And didn't show the other couple. Then we went to Justin's house, and it was revealed: we were going to make mud pudding cups. The pudding with the oreo's on top and the gummy worms poking through. Except, there was a catch. So we flipped a coin to decide who would be making it, who would be directing it. The guys made it. Blindfolded. :-)Half way through we switched, to keep it fun. It was intense! I used a blender blind! But it was super fun. And then after we played boggle. And Ryan and I won, he beat me by one point! Grr. But it was SO fun! Basically, an awesome day.

And tonight I am going to my first ever nano write in! Basically a bunch of nano-ers get together at a coffee shop (because most writers drink coffee) and we write together! It sounds lame, put like that, but if you actually know anything about them, I'm very excited! I've wanted to go to one since my first year doing it, but time has been mean, and kept me from it. Tonight, however, I am free as a bird, and don't feel bad coming home late (like eleven, because I still like sleep! This one is an overnighter, but obviously I'm not staying until six in the morning!), because I won't have to wake up my parents. I always feel bad coming home late and waking up my parents to tell them I'm home.

So hopefully I'll be able to get ahead on my word count again. I fell a tiny bit behind because I literally had no time to write yesterday (I barely had time to eat dinner!), but I will definitely be able to catch back up tonight, and probably get pretty far ahead. Yay for super fun weekends!


Lindsay said...

That is a crazy creative date, haha. Reminded me of the dirt and worms ice cream at baskin robbins (well, at least they had it there when I was in jr. high) sooooo good.

Coffee shops have yummy pastries, too! You're so totally going to finish soon! Are you going to Kinkos a bunch of bound copies for everyone?

Lori said...

Haha yeah, I thought it was a great idea for a date!

No, I am not going to kinkos a bunch of bound copies, because that would be uber expensive! I will probably print off a copy for myself so I can edit it, and from there maybe get a few others to edit it? We'll see.
For those who are wondering, I'm up to 42,101 after the writing extravaganza! And in all of the Word Wars, I kicked everyone's trash. Because I type fast. Hooray!

Lori said...

Up to 45,133 now. Only 4,867 words left to write!