Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I felt kind of bad for not posting in such a long time, but then I realized, it hasn't even been a week. But my life has been so full, and so busy, it feels like it's been a month!
All the days kind of blur together, but mostly, it's been shopping in the day with my mother, or working on tutus (still haven't gotten around to wrapping), or taking a nap. And why do I need a nap? After all, I'm off work, I should be able to go to bed early, no homework, wake up later... haha that's not so much happening. I've been staying up until about one every night, and waking up anywhere from seven to eight thirty. Because, my evenings have been so preoccupied, that I feel like I need to wake up fairly early in order to get anything done. And granted, six hours of sleep is adequate. But not for a week. I'm a morning person. I'd much rather get six hours from eleven to five, which was standard during school, than from one to seven.
But, I really cannot complain. Completely worth it.
In case the build up has been driving you crazy, sorry, you're going to be disappointed. Maybe. I've spent every evening the past week with Justin. So, yeah, that's how it's been worth it.
Well, I'm very tired, so I'm going to stop writing now, and go to bed.
Merry Christmas!
Thanks for reading!

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Lindsay said...

Definitely a romantic time to have a special someone to spend it with :)