Sunday, September 28, 2008

When life gives you lemons, listen to swing music!

I figured out this week that when I'm not in a good mood, if I listen to swing music, I suddenly am! It was an amazing discovery. I was listening to my ballroom music cd on thursday, and on the way home from school the two swing songs on the cd played, and I was all upbeat and happy, but then when it went back to the latin music, I wasn't as happy. Still happy and dancy, but not AS happy. So then I scoured the house (with the help of my wonderful mother) for some more swing cds, and I've been listening to nothing else since! Well except today, because I always listen to church music on sundays. But other than that. :) I just need to get some more blank cds so I don't have to steal my mom's, because I know she hates that. Trip to walmart, here I come! Unless someone knows anywhere to get them cheaper. Oh, and also stamps! I don't know where to buy stamps other than the post office, and that's not in my way anymore, it's out of the way. Unless someone has a bunch of extra they want to give me, but that's doubtful.

So on Saturday night I went dancing at the Kat's Korner, it was so much fun! I just met some people there, so I could stay longer and not have to worry about it, so I basically just danced for four hours straight. I got home and my legs were so tired, but it was totally worth it. I'm so addicted to dancing. I watch some of the people out there, and I think, holy cow, I want to be that good! I really like dancing with good leads, I know enough about following that even though I don't know the moves, I can keep up, so it's way more fun with them! Plus I learned a little bit of charleston! Neat!

This week, not too much going on. I'm doing another psychology study, meh, I AM excited that it is my last week of ASU 101. The most stupid class on the face of the planet. I will be so happy to no longer waste an hour of my life every week about how horrible global warming is, and how if we just educated women everywhere, that would control the population. What?! That doesn't even make sense. It does in a twisted sort of way, but it's like we were talking about in my psych class, correlation does not mean causation. Maybe education of women and population growth are related, but it doesn't mean one causes the other! That was the weirdest idea I've heard from that class. Partly because I only understand half of what the teacher says.

I'm definitely getting psyched for Nanowrimo. Like, very excited. I think I can do it. I have less homework than last year, and I don't have a dance concert to take up two and a half weeks, which was mostly what killed me last year. I'm optimistic, to say the least.

Kristi, if you're reading this, I miss you! I don't like the sunday's you go to the Tolman's, because it means I don't get to see all of you. And that makes me sad :( Just so you know.

Lindsay, I know you're reading this, because you always respond (I love that you do, too, it makes me feel like, hey, people actually read this! The only other clue I have is if my parents are reading it and I walk into the room). But, I miss you and Nick too. You guys understood and appreciated my sense of humor so much more than anyone else, it seemed. Or at least you showed it more. This girl I was training at work this week (she was insane, I swear. Very strange, at the very least), she would say these incredibly stupid things and laugh, and when I wouldn't laugh, she would look at me like I was crazy. She actually said to me after one of these incidents, "(fowl word here) you don't have a sense of humor at all." And I sat there thinking, man alive, you're an idiot! Because I had been using my own sense of humor frequently, the satirical, cynical kind, where I make fun of her without her realizing it, and I thought to my self, who doesn't have a sense of humor? So, I miss that. That you understood my sense of humor, and appreciated it. Plus you're just fun to be around!

Sarah, I don't know if you read these at all, but if so, I miss you too. I love it when you come up to visit, and wish you did so more often. You're so fun to talk to, and we have such similar interests, it's fantastic!

Just had to get that out there. Everyone I always see, I love you too, but I always see you, so I can say that in person! I really do love my family, and appreciate everything you all do, so much. Sometimes I'm not great at showing it, and if I'm having a bad day, I can be moody, I know. But I really do love you all, and I'm so greatful for all of the different things you all do for me, whether you do them on purpose or it's just your nature.

Anyway, school tomorrow, I should go to bed. Which really means read for another hour and THEN go to bed :) Thanks for reading!


Lori said...

wow, this one's long, sorry guys!

RandiSue said...

Hi, Auntie Randi Sue here.
I read your every post, just so you know.
I don't know about your side of town but down here in the ghetto we can buy postage stamps at any Circle K.
Don't know if this counts as swing but Heidi turned me onto the cd, Jive Bunny and the Mix Masters. Haven't found it local, only on the internet.

Lindsay said...

Haha, long is good! Yes, on the stamps you can get them at the grocery, too. They always say something like, "Ice or stamps?"

Dancing sounds so fun! When I was that age nobody I knew wanted to go out dancing! So I never actually have been. Where is Kat's Korner?

Yes, we (you, Nick, and I) do share similar humor that SADLY is wasted on so many people. It is okay though because as you said, you can often make jokes about people without them even realizing :-D

I think you hit on the beauty of families. They bring together people and characteristics that you didn't know you needed in your life :)

Kathy said...

Hey little girl, I read you posts all the time. I'm not a big commenter. I love to read other peoples comments. Love you too!

Lori said...

Wow, now I know where to get stamps! Thanks! :D

Jive Bunny and the Mix Masters DEFINITELY counts! That's actually one that my mom found for me :) I was listening to that one on Saturday, now I'm listening to Glenn Miller (I think that's his name...)

Kat's Korner is at a private school just east of Mesa Dr and Broadway. It's super duper fun! It's too bad you've never been out dancing, you should definitely go some time. Try and convince Nick to take you! (Not sure how much luck you'd have with that though)

Kristi Tolman said...

You can also buy stamps at Costco, and they even give you a whopping one cent discount per stamp! But since it is Costco and you have to buy in bulk, you have to buy like seven million, so it probably isn't worth it for you.
You could always come over to my house for dinner any night during the weeks that we have dinner with the Tolmans! I almost always cook, and it is usually something you would eat, and I promise that we never have Weinerschnitzel!
I am pretty sure I have a couple of swing CD's you could borrow. And might I also suggest Harry Connick, Jr., who I know isn't technically swing, but a lot of his stuff has the same big band feel.