Friday, December 19, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

So, this week has been pretty great :)
I've been working, I had my dance "final" to get an A+ (and always get talked into taking a dance class next semester, even though I already have 17 credits. Still debating whether to take one or not...), I found out I got an A in pscyh! Hooray! I thought I'd get a B, but apparently the teacher curved it, so my 87.5 turned into an A! Hey, no complaining here! Still waiting for my english and latin grades to be posted. They should hopefully both be A's.
And, the real reason for this post: I have a boyfriend now :) I'm sure if you read my last post, you can guess who. At lesat, Kristi was able to. Justin. Yep. So, that's pretty exciting :) I won't bore you with all the little things going through my mind right now, because that would make for a long entry! But, he is coming to dinner on Sunday night, for the Maroney side. So that should make most of my siblings happy, they can finally meet him. Sorry Ashley. You should try to drop by for a moment! Or, you know, I'm sure there will be other opportunities to meet him.
Ooh, just have to point this little detail out: he's 6'5". Yes, you read that right. He's four inches taller than I am! I can wear heels with him!
Obviously that's not the reason I'm going out with him, but boy oh boy is it a nice perk :)
Also, I started work on the tutus I'm making for Christmas presents, and they are turning out super cute! I'll take a picture when I'm done with all the different colors so you can see how cute they are. And then also after Christmas, I'll get a picture of the girls wearing them. That will be a better picture :)
Yesterday was a good day. At eleven o'clock, an hour before I was supposed to go into work, I got a call from the Gilbert office manager. Apparently the power was out at the financial building, so he told me not to come in. Um, hmm, okay! No complaints here :) I was able to go over to Ashley's and just chill with her, and then she helped me get started on the tutus. It was a fun afternoon! And then in the evening, I went to see the temple lights with my friend Randi, who's not a member of the church, and has only seen the temple lights once, so that was cool. And so far, I'm doing good on my goal of seeing the lights at least once a week :) I never get tired of going to see them. Really, I never get tired of going to see the temple, lights or no lights.
That's the news with me. Looking forward to Christmas and all the fun giving involved, and very glad I'm done with the shopping I need to do :) Now I just need to finish the tutus, and wrap! Voila!
Thanks for reading!

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Lindsay said...

Woo! Nick is pro-Justin for a Chinese speaking buddy :)