Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Early Morning Post

Because that's the only time I have that I'm in a quiet house and can think without distractions. :) you're loud too, mom and dad!

Not much has happened this week, to be honest. I have a latin test today, I'm hoping I do well. Last one I got a ninety eight, good ol' extra credit questions! Got to love those! I'm hoping I do equally well today. We'll see I guess.

School has been normal. I'm learning to play pool, which is fun. Especially when guys start teaching me :). I'm slowly getting better, but I can actually get the balls into the pockets I intended now! Not all the time, about half the time, but that's still way better than before!

I got the new book Brisingr on saturday, and have barely had an opportunity to read it. I'm only a hundred pages in, after an entire week! That is shameful. It's pretty good so far. I like the plot. I'm starting to get annoyed by Paolini's style though. It's so... formal? I don't know. Like, he'll say, we could not go to the store, for there was no means of transportation. He uses "for" a lot in that way, and the more I read the more it bothers me. Plus, sometimes the characters talk like they are knights in the middle ages, and other times they talk modern. Pick one! That's just me being picky though, and knowing that it got published because his parents are publishers. Where's the justice in that? Psh! No, it is a good book though. The style actually reminds me a lot of one of my ex's writing style. It bothered me when we were dating, and even more after, and now it's manifesting itself in a published book... :P

Speaking of writing, it would be so cool to get published! That's a dream of mine: to someday get published. Then all of you would know a published author! Neat!

I think this weekend I'm going to go to Kat's Korner with some friends on saturday night after the relief society broadcast. I want to go out dancing, it's so much fun!

Oh, and I found out the Christmas party at my work is on December sixth. What bad luck! Because that will screw up our plans for Sedona. I mean, I'd be okay with missing it, as long as I still get the gift, but I'm pretty sure Kristi and Cliff will be helping with all the fun stuff that goes into it, so I'm not sure they'll want/be able to miss it. I'm putting this here, because I'll forget to bring it up at a time when we can all discuss it.

Anyway, that's my life. Wish me luck on my Latin test! Thanks for reading!

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Lindsay said...

Good luck on your test! Sedona is wonderful, so hopefully you all can make it!