Monday, October 20, 2008


So, after my last post, and a comment I received on it (love you mommy!), I feel the need to clarify. I'm not crazy. Well, that's not true, I am. BUT, I'm not going to get married just to continue a trend. Or just to get married. I'll get married when I'm good and ready, to the right guy at the right time at the right place. I may be impatient, but I'm not going to rush it and screw up the rest of my life. Just needed to clarify that for you all.
That being said, I'm very excited for tomorrow! First time I'll see Jason after our date. Did I mention how much fun the date was? Maybe once... or twice... or... anyway, I'm happy it's almost Tuesday. I realized, the way the date was set up, we pretty much just spent six hours talking to each other. Yeah, we talked to other people, but you know what I mean. It was fun. :-)
And I need to spend less days up until... really early... reading books. :-) I read Paper Towns on Saturday. And I mean, I read ALL of Paper Towns on Saturday. Although does it count, since I technically went over to very early on Sunday morning? Hmm... Anyway, it's an absolutely AMAZING book! If you get a chance to read it, I highly recommend it. Although most of the people who read this won't like it, but I liked it. And I really liked the ending. I'm one of those weird people who thinks the happy endings are cliche, and this one, while not being a sad ending, wasn't a happy ending either. It was just kind of an ending. But a beautifully crafted ending, leaving me wanting more! But satisfied with what I got, at the same time. You know? Excellent read. Also very well written. It's sad to me that Twilight is way more read that anything by John Green, even though John Green is so much better of an author. But, that's from an English major's standpoint.
Thanks for reading!


Callie said...

Definetly don't rush. I was the same way at 18. Wanting to get married asap. Here I am at 25 and single. Looking back I can't believe I thought I was ready to get married at 18! Yeah right!!!! Live life and enjoy single living!!!

Kristi Tolman said...

My favorite kind of endings are the ones that tie up just enough of the loose ends to leave you satisfied, but still leave it open enough that you can imagine the rest for yourself.
"The Count of Monte Cristo" has a great ending.