Saturday, September 13, 2008

Flavor of the week?

Can I say that if I'm not actually dating all the new guys I meet, only liking them?

Anyway, Friday night there was an institute opening social, and I met a whole bunch of new guys! It was way fun. I met Matthew, Aaron, Justin, Michael, Matt, Andrew, and some girls, Victoria, Laura, Beth and Kristin. I met some other people, but those are the ones whose names I remember. :) And I got two phone numbers, Matthew and Aaron, but I am mostly excited about Matthew. He's a little bit older, but only a year older than the last guy I dated, and he only just barely turned 25 in the end of August, so it's really not that big a deal. But he's a really great pianist, he's studying law right now, and he's just really nice. I also met his sister, who was also there, but I only met her for like, ten seconds. But anyway, I'm kind of hoping for something to actually happen with this one. And if it doesn't by the end of next week, then I think I will be sorely tempted to MAKE something happen :) Why do I like older guys? Weird. Oh well. Even in high school I liked a guy who was two years older than me, so I guess it's always been in me.
Speaking of Robby (the guy I liked in high school), he gets back from his mission in April! That makes me feel old, because I went to his farewell. I DROVE to his farewell, and he's coming back now. Wow. His family actually moved to Utah right after he left, so he's coming home to Utah, but he wants to go to ASU apparently, so after his homecoming and all that fun stuff he's going to move down here for schooling. I found all of this out because his sister started working with me. Apparently it's a touchy subject for their family, because of the move, and the fact that he still wants to live here.
So, right now, life is good. I'm contented because the number of guys I know has gone up significantly, and that's always good. Oh, and I learned the name of the cute guy in my institute class who I met on thursday! Eric. But I think he might have a girlfriend. :( Oh well. He's still cute.
That's pretty much it for me. Thanks for reading. :)


Lindsay said...

Chasing so many boys, I wonder what it will be like when you catch one!

Lori said...

Me too! Hopefully we won't have to wonder for too long :)