Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday To You!

Leaning Tower of Tim Tams... except not leaning.
First we drink...

Then we SLAM!
For Justin's birthday, we celebrated by eating a super delicious dinner at YC's Mongolian Grill. His birthday present didn't arrive until today, so all he got from me on Saturday was his silly gift (a salt and pepper shaker glued together, kind of an inside joke), but today, his gift arrived!
Tim Tams!
They are these chocolate cookie biscuit things that they have in Taiwan, and they do this thing called a Tim Tam Slam.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pumping Iron

Today I have the day off, so I took the opportunity while Justin is at work to steal a ride on his bike! Wow, it's definitely not set for me. The seat is about two inches too high, and it's angled up, which is awkward for a girl. I don't know if that's comfy for a guy, but it definitely wasn't for me! I felt really silly trying to get on it at first, it was too high! Finally I got on though, and took about a 20 minute ride. Which doesn't seem like much, but it's warm, and I went in this really cute quaint area near the apartment complex that has a bunch of ups and downs, so that was a good workout :)
Last week was pretty uneventful. We had stake conference saturday and sunday, and I think that was the first time I've ever actually really enjoyed it. I've never hated it, or dreaded it, but I really enjoyed it yesterday, there were some really good talks! I may or may not have cried... several times.
This week should be a nice break from the norm, as I have today off, wednesday I'm just working 10-2, and the other three days are just 8-5. Definitely NOT my normal schedule.
Also, we ordered our textbooks online recently, and slowly they've been trickling in. I have two books for my science fiction creative writing class, and I've already gotten both books for that class, and they're absolutely awesome! I was looking forward to the class before, but now I can't wait! One of them is just a collection of short stories (I've already read two... I got the book on friday, and haven't read it since saturday), and the other is called "The Truth About Fiction", and the first chapter is titled "Lying 101". Awesome! I started reading the latter, and after I finished the first chapter, I said to Justin, "You know, this book is very similiar to..." and I walked over to my bookcase and grabbed another book, "this one! Which I've read twice. Since I got it last november." :) I'm super excited for this class!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cleaning Spree

If you read my mom's blog, you'll know that Justin and I invited my mom, ashley, zach and madie over for dinner and games last night. What she didn't post, however, was that we spent all day getting everything organized and cleaned so they could come over.
I know our apartment is small, but it's amazing how much can accumulate if you let it! On friday night I got a kick to clean the bedroom, which had never really been organized as nicely as it could have been (and is now!). We had our laundry hamper just at the foot of our bed, and we had a laundry basket with random items of clothing that had never been hung up. Various things like that. We got home from Kristi and Cliff's around 11:30, and I didn't get in bed until around 12:30. I get the urge to clean at the most random times.
Then yesterday we worked on cleaning the rest of the apartment, and finally it looks really nice! We don't have random boxes in front of the bookshelf, and we don't have piles of paper all over the table anymore. July is over, and Justin had finished his little spreadsheet of expenses and all that, so we could get rid of all our receipts and such from July, which was very nice to be able to do. Hopefully we can keep the apartment from getting so cluttered, cross your fingers!
We also had the pleasure of ordering our textbooks. Bleh, so much money! I have quite the price range, one of my lit books for english we managed to get for 5 cents, but my french book will be 150 dollars! Ick! Hooray for amazon though, makes getting textbooks WAY cheaper.
That was my busy weekend, I think I'll go make rice krispie treats to eat after dinner tonight... sounds yummy!