Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, Goodbye World

Happy Halloween! May the spooks follow you, and may you have occasion to be scared. :-)

Tonight begins National Novel Writing Month. And I'm VERY excited!!! I thought of a plot last friday, and I've been thinking about it since then, fleshing it out, getting more and more ideas until I don't know what to do with them! I'm going to start at 12:00 tonight, stay up until I'm too tired to write coherently, go to sleep, wake up, clean my room, and spend the rest of the day writing. With maybe a brief pause to do, you know, homework. So, basically, starting tomorrow, you won't be hearing from me a lot on this little blog thingy, because most of my spare writing time will be dedicated to my novel (that's the "Goodbye World" part of the title. Goodbye, blog world, hello nanowrimo world!). I'll try to put updates every now and then, and in the middle of Week Two I'll probably write about how my novel sucks and I shouldn't finish (week two is always the killer), but then in Week Three I'll be all optimistic again and excited to finish, so, that's how my month will be. AH, I'm so excited!! And impatient! And HOLY COW I'm a nerd. Oh well, I can live with that. :-) Good thing, too, because otherwise I guess I'd have to die. And I don't want to die! Not yet anyway! I need to write my novel, get married, have kids, and be published before I die!
I'm in a crazy mood! Because I'm so excited for tonight! Hope everyone enjoys this happy halloween, and I'll see you in November!
Thanks for reading!
P.S. So, twice in a row I almost ended without saying "thanks for reading" but I feel like I HAVE to put it now on every post. So, even though I could have ended it with "I'll see you in November" I had to add "thanks for reading" because it's kind of like my signature now... Oh bother.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I had a Eureka! moment yesterday. Although I admit, I didn't run through the streets of Chandler naked. Not that kind of Eureka! (P.S. Anyone know what I'm referencing here?)
I was sitting at work, listening to the Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack. And it was playing the song "If I were a rich man". And I was thinking, you know, it's funny how people think, if only I had some money, then I'd be happy. But if they're unhappy without money, having money might make them happier for a bit, but it won't really make them happier, not in the long run. They'll still have all their old problems, now they'll just also have more ice cream. So then I was thinking, you know, that's kind of like me. Sometimes I think, I'd be so much happier if I just had a boy. And maybe at first I would. But I'd still have all my stupid little doubts, worries, and unhappinesses (not a word, ask me if I care) that I have now. Getting a boyfriend or husband doesn't magically make you happier.
Not that I'm unhappy, mind you. Especially now that I'm in college. I'm enjoying college SO much more than high school. High school was good and all, but college is just a whole other... thing. I don't know how to describe it, but I absolutely love college. And I've actually been really happy most of this year. Calendar and school year. But, I always have that little part of me saying, I could be happier if I had a guy.
And maybe I would be happier. But who cares? I need to take charge of life, and enjoy as much as possible. Because, (I just read a book where the chick died, that's why my train of thought is going this way. Very sad book, but very good.) I could die any day, any time. Who knows? That's not something that can be predicted. I mean, the second coming is close, yes, but there are still some signs that have to be fulfilled, so I know I've got some time for that one. But there's no way of knowing when my time is up. Now, I sincerely hope my time doesn't come before I get married, but it's not impossible. Plus, what if I don't get married until I'm like thirty? So, I've decided I no longer care [as much] about guys. Obviously I'll still care some. Because I'm an eighteen year old girl, with a very cute guy in her institute class who should really ask her out again. But, I don't [need] a guy to be happy. Because my life rocks! I have so much to be happy about! Booksigning tomorrow, national novel writing month in five days (it's practically the end of today), adorable nieces and nephews who are just SO dang cute... yep, lots to be happy about in my life. And if I don't get married for another fifteen years, (that would suck) I'd be okay. I could handle it. Because whatever the Lord has in store for me, there's nothing I can do to change it anyway, so why complain? Just take it and run with it!
That's my outlook right now. :-)
Thanks for reading!

Monday, October 20, 2008


So, after my last post, and a comment I received on it (love you mommy!), I feel the need to clarify. I'm not crazy. Well, that's not true, I am. BUT, I'm not going to get married just to continue a trend. Or just to get married. I'll get married when I'm good and ready, to the right guy at the right time at the right place. I may be impatient, but I'm not going to rush it and screw up the rest of my life. Just needed to clarify that for you all.
That being said, I'm very excited for tomorrow! First time I'll see Jason after our date. Did I mention how much fun the date was? Maybe once... or twice... or... anyway, I'm happy it's almost Tuesday. I realized, the way the date was set up, we pretty much just spent six hours talking to each other. Yeah, we talked to other people, but you know what I mean. It was fun. :-)
And I need to spend less days up until... really early... reading books. :-) I read Paper Towns on Saturday. And I mean, I read ALL of Paper Towns on Saturday. Although does it count, since I technically went over to very early on Sunday morning? Hmm... Anyway, it's an absolutely AMAZING book! If you get a chance to read it, I highly recommend it. Although most of the people who read this won't like it, but I liked it. And I really liked the ending. I'm one of those weird people who thinks the happy endings are cliche, and this one, while not being a sad ending, wasn't a happy ending either. It was just kind of an ending. But a beautifully crafted ending, leaving me wanting more! But satisfied with what I got, at the same time. You know? Excellent read. Also very well written. It's sad to me that Twilight is way more read that anything by John Green, even though John Green is so much better of an author. But, that's from an English major's standpoint.
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wedding Circles

So, my family has this circle of weddings thing going on. And I'm going to attempt to use it to my benefit. Hopefully.
Here's what has happened: Ashley took Zach to Ross and Kimberly's wedding, and they ended up married. Roy took Kerry to Ashley and Zach's wedding, and they ended up married. Mark took... Ashley? Rachel? Some girl whose name I forgot to Roy and Kerry's wedding, and they're now engaged to be married. So, the way I see it is, I caught the bouquet, so if I can manage to find a guy to take to Mark and Girl's wedding, then I'll be good to go! I've got a while, I figure, because they only just got engaged. This weekend? I think? Not to sure on any of the details, clearly... :-)
So, that's my new goal.
P.S. I'm excited and impatient for Tuesday, so I can see Jason again! I have no patience when it comes to guys... again, clearly.
That's all! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sittin' on a corner in Winslow Arizona

That song has been stuck in my head all day. I was watching the news this morning, and it was giving the weather, and it said what it would be in Winslow, and BAM that song just popped into my head. Which would be okay, except that and the chorus are the only parts I know...

It's about one o'clock in the morning. And I'm wide awake. You may be wondering, isn't that pretty late to be up, considering you have work tomorrow at seven? My answer: yes, it is! But totally worth it!
And now, the explanation. I went on a date! It was really, really fun! I went with Jason, he's in my tues/thurs institute class (World Religions with Brother Wold). He's taller than me (score!), smart, nerdy (which is fantastic), plays the piano, economics major, went on a mission to Washington and is very sad that he doesn't know any foreign languages. He wants to learn Mandarin, and I asked him if he had any idea what he was getting himself into ;-). This is his last semester of college, he's twenty four, works at Chase currently, and doesn't know what he wants to do with his degree. He's really fun! I thoroughly enjoyed tonight. It was a big group thing, there were about fourteen of us, we went out into the desert by some random bat caves, had a bbq and bonfire, one guy brought his guitar and made up a song about two of the people who went and stood by the fire to see who could stand the heat for longer... very amusing song. Anyway, it was a really fun time, met lots of new people, got to know Jason better, and had a blast! First official date of college! Woo hoo!
I'm tired though, so I think I'm going to save all other updates for another time. Thanks for readign!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Catching the Bouquet

So, yesterday was Roy and Kerry's wedding. It was good, but it was very weird seeing my dad up there being a minister. There was dancing, and I had a blast with Jenny. We played "find the color". There were these two disco ball type things, and so we had to find a certain color and try to stand on it. And then Jenny did her first ever line dance, it was a pretty simple one, just walk left, then right, then kick, then turn. She enjoyed it, and it was so fun watching her. Then, Kerry threw the bouquet, and guess who caught it? Well, not so much catch, as go over and pick it up. She threw it a bit far, so it was behind everyone, and I was on the side, so I could go around the little pillar and get it. So, it's official, I'm going to be the next one to get married. Haha if only that could be true.

In my last post, I mentioned being obsessed with Nerdfighters. And Lindsay asked me what Nerdfighters are, and I'm sure she wasn't the only one wondering. Well, it's actually very random, but I'll explain. There are these two brothers, Hank and John Green, and they decided to go for an entire year without any textual communication. So they make video blogs every weekday, alternating days. So like, on Monday Hank with make a vlog, then Tuesday John with respond to it, then Wednesday is Hank again, then Thursday is John, etc. And in this vlogging, they came up with Nerdfighters. There was this arcade game in an airport John was at called Nerdfighters, and he wondered if that meant they were nerds fighting, or if they were fighting against nerds. Well, if you watch any of the videos, you'll see very quickly that both brothers are incredibly nerdy. So, they decided to become "nerdfighters", nerds who fight. And what did they decide to fight against? WorldSuck. The sucky things in the world. It's all just kind of them being silly, but it's really entertaining. If you're interested, you can go to It's just another way for me to procrastinate doing my homework :)

Anyway, updates on writing I believe are in store. So, as you know, October is 30X30 month, and one day writing I stumbled on a plot. So, this might turn into a project for the rest of the year (meaning not November), because I really would like to see this finished. I've been working on it throughout November, I'm not sure how many words I have, because a lot of it is handwritten, and I haven't had a chance to type it all up yet. Once I do, I'll let you know. But it's shaping up pretty nicely. And I think I've decided that for November, I'm going to start cold. I'm going to sit down at midnight on November first with no plot in mind, and just start typing. It's more fun that way. :) Plus I requested November first off work (it's a saturday, I work saturdays from seven to twelve), so that I can stay up and start at midnight, and then use the whole day to get ahead on word count. And, just a warning, most of what I talk about for November will probably be novel related. That's just how I roll.

This week are midterms for dance, and they will be taped. So, when I get the url for it, I'll put it up here so you can all see me be graceful and elegant. Oh wait, it's latin, so, you can all see me bust a move! :)

Anyway, hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm doing this against my will and better judgment.

I've Been Tagged
1 - NaNoWriMo
2 -family
3 - reading
4 - dancing
5 - Boys :)
6 - food
7 - Nerdfighters
8 - school?

1 - great scott!
2 - Welcome to the conversation
3 - dork
4 - why do you talk? - wow, I'm mean
5 - That's awesome
6 - That's silly
7 - I love you - mostly just to family :)
8 - what the heck?

1 - get married
2 - have kids
3 - have grandkids
4 - become a published author
5 - get a PhD
6 - go on a mission with my future husband
7 - live somewhere other than the valley of the sun
8 - go sky diving! Not really, I couldn't think of anything else :)

1 - how to dance
2 - how to read
3 - how to write
4 - how to dance well
5 - how to read well
6 - how to write well
7 - that family is more important than living somewhere that's not blasted hot
8 - No matter how impatient I am, the Lord is going to move at his own pace. So stop being so impatient!

1 - Denmark
2 - Hawaii
3 - the Bahamas
4 - Alaska
5 - France
6 - NYC
7 - Disneyworld
8 - Finland

1 - need to do my homework
2 - need to get more sleep
3 - need to see my nieces and nephews more
4 - want to go on a date
5 - want it to be November
6 - want to be less impatient for getting married
7 - want pugsley to stop barking - he's very noisy during the day, apparently
8 - need to iron for work

Anyone who hasn't already done this?
Your mom! tee hee hee

Sunday, October 5, 2008

woah here she comes

For some unknown reason that song is stuck in my head.

So, it is officially October! Holy cow, where did September go? Hello and goodbye to September, and hopefully October goes just as quickly.
October is the month of 30X30, where I try to write thirty minutes every day in preparation for National Novel Writing Month in November (heretofore called nanowrimo.) And the goal of Nanowrimo is to write 50,000 words in a month. The goal for October is to get me into the habit of writing on a daily basis, which to be honest, I pretty much do with having homework, but hey, creative writing is fun! :) I thoroughly enjoy it.
On the nanowrimo forums (yes, there are forums, and yes I go on them, frequently.) there's a thread with writing prompts for each day. On October third, the prompt was "it looked a mile to her feet" so I started writing in a desert landscape. You're supposed to use the phrase in the text, but I got carried away with my characters and such that I forgot about the phrase until they'd already "teleported" to another planet. Not really teleport, but I don't know how else to describe it. Anyway, it's turning out to be an interesting plot so far, I might turn it into a short story to carry out throughout the month of October.
So, in this short story, one of my characters is half elf, and my mom asked what the other half was. To be honest, I don't know. I'd played with the idea of making her half elf half dwarf, because it would be interesting to play with the relationship of her parents. But then my mom was listing animals, lions, panthers, and I said no, that's weird. So she said make her half elf, half leprechaun. Leprechaun! Leprechauns don't exist! That's absurd! And especially not in science fiction/fantasy stories, which is what mine will be. My mother is crazy. But, that's where all my creative brilliance comes from, is my insanity, so for that I must thank her.
Midterms are coming up in school, I'm not too worried. But that's because I'm a test taker. I do better at tests than stupid in class worksheets. I'm excited for my dance midterm, because the teacher is recording it and then is going to put it on youtube, so I can watch myself dance! I'll put the link on here so you can all watch me be beautiful and graceful :)
Conference was absolutely fantastic, as always. I love those spiritual weekends just jam packed with richness. They make me happy, and make me determined to be a better person. Which, let's face it, I could stand to be a better person most days.
I can't think of anything else to say right now, so I suppose I'll just go. Thanks for reading!