Thursday, December 11, 2008

Living large in LA... or AZ...

But AZ didn't make it an alliteration.
So, I'm "studying" right now... as you can clearly tell. Here, I'll study for real:
(masc, fem, neut)
N: is ea id
G: eius eius eius
D: ei ei ei
Ac: eum eam id
Ab: eo ea eo
N: ei eae ea
G: eorum earum eorum
D: eis eis eis
Ac: eos eas ea
Ab: eis eis eis
And now I check to see if I got it right... HA! Yes! I did it!
Okay, that was boring for you to read. ANYWAY, that's what I've been doing all week. Studying for my Latin final, which is tomorrow, which I really don't even need to do that well on, but I have a feeling it's going to be a doozy of a test. That class is ridiculous. I actually have to study for it! What's with that?
Tomorrow is also baking day, which I look forward to with great anticipation. I love to bake. And even more than that, I love to eat what other people bake. So, I'm excited for that. Also I love spending time with my family. Aw. And not having work!!!
So, boy situation: I went on a few dates with Ryan, it was fun, but we aren't going to go on anymore dates. Mutual decision. And last night I went out with this guy named Justin, I've been out with him once before last night, he plays the trombone, went to Taiwan on his mission and speaks Mandarin Chinese. He's taller than me, and he's 21. That's pretty much all the important details... oh, he's also in the marching band, plays the trombone. We're going out carolling and to see the temple lights on saturday.
I made a goal to see the temple lights at least once every week this season. Because last year I only ended up seeing them once, and that is simply not enough! So far, I'm on track! I went last week with Ryan, this week I'm going with Justin, next week I'm taking my friend Randi (girl), and then the week after that is Christmas, so I'll go with my family! I'm a winner at achieving goals!
Well, I really ought to get back to studying. I've been procrastinating long enough! I'm so ready for it to be nine o'clock tomorrow so I can be DONE for the semester. And done with Latin FOR EVER! I'm so excited to take French again. It's so much easier!
Thanks for reading!


Lindsay said...

I like the swirls on this new layout :)

Lots of fun things to look forward to! It would be totally awesome if you go for your Latin final and it is, in fact, a Latin DANCE final and suddenly is a lot more fun.

But that is highly unlikely.

Good luck anyway!

Lori said...

Thanks! I wanted winter-y, but not the red and green...

That would have been AMAZING. I would have done SO much better! I still did okay, but if it was dance, oh man! That would have been great.