Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trial Number 1

So, here's attempt number one at being outgoing. My fantastic, supportive hubby helped me do it :)
We invited a few couples over to our house for Friday night. We bought a big lasagna a while ago because it was on super sale, and we'd have leftovers for a month if we ate it just the two of us, so we'll be eating that, with some other stuff, and have super yummy symphony brownies for dessert (brownies with a layer of symphony bar chocolate in the middle - I'll probably do either a ganache topping or just powdered sugar, depending on time), and then we'll play games after! I'm excited. And I have friday off of work - no idea why - so I'll be done with classes at 12:40, and have the afternoon to clean and prep. Hopefully it goes well. 
When planning this, we realized there are a lot of couples in the ward... too many for one night. So, we're planning another such night for sometime in March. 
Phase number two will be tomorrow - sitting by people at lunch, instead of upstairs where it's safe. Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Becoming Outgoing

Some people may see that and think, "What? Lori is one of the most outgoing people I know!" Sorry Mom, I used to be, but I'm not so much anymore.
But that is going to change. I've decided I want to be outgoing again. I'm tired of hiding upstairs at institute and eating alone (except Mondays, I eat with Anna on Mondays :-D ). I was reading Justin's textbook (don't judge, you know you read your spouses textbooks too... okay maybe not, but it's really interesting!), and it was talking about networking, and how you need to create a network before you need it. And I realized, if I was more outgoing, that would help Justin's network too! And then I might have friends who are in a similar situation as me!
The only thing is, I've become quite accustomed to living my own little life, enjoying my lunch upstairs alone. So I need some help on ideas of how to become less chicken. :)
My first plan is to just find someone to sit by for lunch. Easy enough, right? Hopefully. But how else can I make more friends? There are a bunch of fun couples in my ward who are in the same boat as me, fairly newly married, no kids. How to I become friends with them?
Any suggestions are appreciated. Also, I need you to follow up and make sure I actually do something this time. Comment, email, pester me and make sure I'm networking! Or making friends, or whatever you want to call it. Either way, I want to have people I can invite over to my place for fun game nights and such.
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday, From Myself to Me!

So, it's the first day in a while that I have nothing pressing, so I'll blog!
Today is my birthday, I'm finally no longer a teenager.
I'm excited to eat monkey bread, not go to work, go shopping, and spend an entire day with the man I love. Today is going to be awesome. Much better than last year, when I only saw Justin for 20 minutes (he happened to have an accounting test that evening. Who gives tests at 6:00 at night?)
So, life has been busy. Being in Young Women's is really fun, but definitely keeps me busy. And concerned. I always believed my leaders when they told me they loved me and wanted me to be happy, blah blah, but now that I feel it, man, I didn't have any idea. It's weird, I see these girls a few hours a week, I've only known them a few months, but I really do love them and really want them to make good choices so they can get to the temple.
School has been fairly light for me (I think it's to make up for the fact that Justin is having a really tough semester). It's strange because I'm taking more credits, and more upper level classes, than last semester, but it's way easier.
Sunday was Chinese New Year, and we were invited to celebrate with a family from Justin's old ward. It was really fun, we had a nice Chinese dinner and then just talked. They are a fun family, 7 kids, the dad went to Taiwan on his mission too, so he and Justin had fun talking, asking if they remembered this or that. The kids were so funny too, one of them was telling me I could keep the chopsticks (they were the disposable kind), they were surprisingly well maintained for there being seven. It was really fun though.
Well, I need to go check on my monkey bread, so have a great day, everyone! I certainly will!