Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wedding Circles

So, my family has this circle of weddings thing going on. And I'm going to attempt to use it to my benefit. Hopefully.
Here's what has happened: Ashley took Zach to Ross and Kimberly's wedding, and they ended up married. Roy took Kerry to Ashley and Zach's wedding, and they ended up married. Mark took... Ashley? Rachel? Some girl whose name I forgot to Roy and Kerry's wedding, and they're now engaged to be married. So, the way I see it is, I caught the bouquet, so if I can manage to find a guy to take to Mark and Girl's wedding, then I'll be good to go! I've got a while, I figure, because they only just got engaged. This weekend? I think? Not to sure on any of the details, clearly... :-)
So, that's my new goal.
P.S. I'm excited and impatient for Tuesday, so I can see Jason again! I have no patience when it comes to guys... again, clearly.
That's all! Thanks for reading!


Lindsay said...

It is a theory... :-D

Kathy said...

Her name is Rachel. And don't be in such a hurry.