Sunday, November 9, 2008

Updates on Life

So, obviously the most important updates are always centered around boys :D
I went out with a guy named Ryan last night, we played racquetball and then cards, it was really fun! I really suck at racquetball, but it was my first time playing, so that was a good excuse. And he was a good teacher. I can now actually keep it going for a while, and I even scored a few points! We might go out to Kat's Korner this weekend, which will be super fun, because I don't suck at dancing :). That's how I met him, he's in my latin dance class, and he saw me at the institute building once I guess and asked if I was LDS, and, well, I am, and told him so, and he is too! He went to Mexico on his mission. And really enjoys speaking spanish, which just cracks me up.
Anyway, not doing too hot on my novel, I have fallen a bit behind, but still plenty of time to catch up. Once wednesday is over, I'll have a lot more time to write. I'll be less worried about papers and tests and the likes. SPEAKING of which, I totally rocked my Latin test! Yay! I was worried, because it was the first one where we went from focusing on nouns to verbs, and was supposed to be really hard, but really wasn't hard at all! I definitely got an A.
Also, I think I've found the place I'm going to move into. When I was more actively looking at places, this one girl said the guy who she rented from was renting out another house, but could never get more details, but she is moving home at the end of the semester to save money, and wanted to offer her room to me before advertising it. It's a really good price, and SUPER DUPER close to campus, so I said I'm definitely interested, but want to look at it before making a definite decision. So sometime soon I'll be taking a look, and hopefully it will all work out! That would be fantastic! Not that I don't love my home... but yeah... anyway...
Not much else going on here.
Thanks for reading!


Kristi Tolman said...

Hablando espanol es muy divertido!
Didn't you say that the second week was the hardest for novel writing? Keep at it and make sure you write every day and you are sure to finish!
Hopefully the new flat works out. I still have some boxes if you need them.

Lori said...

Okay, I think you got a little confused. HE speaks spanish. I speak french and a little latin. No spanish.
Thanks for the offer! Hopefully I'll know soon!

Lindsay said...

Some very exciting news!