Friday, September 5, 2008

An Adventurous Day

So, I got a listing of LDS people looking for roommates from institute, and I started calling places today. I saw two houses today, and I'm going to see another place tomorrow. It was pretty exciting looking at potential homes to live in.
The first place I went was really kind of weird. This old married couple owns it, and they rent it out to college kids. It can fit seven people, right now four live there. It's kind of shabby and run down looking, kind of white trash-ish. It was really big though, and had a pool. I only met one of the girls there, the others were all out, and she seemed okay. She had just woken up though, so she didn't really talk a lot. I don't know, it was just kind of a weird place. They had all this random furniture, they had three fridges, and nothing really seemed to go anywhere. I don't think I'll go there. Plus it's farther from ASU than I'd like. It was on Stapley and Southern.
The second house I went to was much better. Three girls live there now, another is moving in soon. If I move in there, I can either share a room, or they have this little tiny room I could have to myself. I don't really know which I'd prefer. But they had a nice kitchen, washer and dryer, a really big back yard with fruit trees and ducks (yes ducks. Three of them!), a big tv, wireless internet, a family room... it's really nice. And the girls there were really nice too. One of them likes musicals! :)
Tomorrow I'll go to another place, and we'll see from there. These were the best three from the listing I got, considering price and location. I might look at the next best three depending on how this turns out. But I really liked that second place I went. It had a great atmosphere, and definitely a college atmosphere. Wish me luck for tomorrow on my adventure!


Lindsay said...

A duck cinches it. I pick the duck house.

Good Luck :)

Lori said...

Haha yeah, the ducks were awesome. I still have one more place to see, and maybe call a few more before I make a decision.

Thanks for the luck! :)

Ashley & Zach said...

All I have to say is that you are a giant goober! I talked to you today and you didn't mention anything about moving!