Monday, April 6, 2009

Skookie time!

As promised, pictures of a delicious skookie!
Don't eat it yet!
Justin enjoying the skookie
I don't want to sound all prideful and like I'm bragging, but that was one of the best skookies I've ever had. The first one I made wasn't as good, I wasn't sure how much dough to put in the pan, or how long to cook it. The second one (as pictured) was much better, it filled the whole pan, and cooked nice and evenly. Mmm, it was delicious.
Today, that was pretty much the highlight. Not much else has occured. French class was cancelled, so our test, which was going to be on Wednesday, is postponed to Friday. Woohoo!
Math I had a test, and it's my first real class of the day (I have insitute first, that's a different category of class), and as I reached in to my backpack to pull out my calculator, I realized, oops, my pencil pouch is at home in my bedroom. So I had no writing instruments, and no calculator. Luckily my teacher had an extra TI-83, and I borrowed a pencil from a kid in the class. And, as usual, I finished first (it's a college algebra class, not exactly a challenge. I mean, we were doing mean, median and mode, for crying out loud), so I was able to return the girls pencil.
That about sums it up. For conclusion, a picture of my prince charming!

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Lindsay said...

We use to go for something like this at Oregano's called a Pizzookie. Nice work making it at home! You get an extra bonus to taste when you make it yourself and it is awesome ;)