Friday, April 10, 2009

Nothin' to talk about

I can't think of anything to blog about today. My life is mundane and un-exciting. I'm pretty sure unexciting isn't a word, actually.

I had a french test today that I was worried about, but then it ended up not being so bad. Maybe because I spent three hours this morning studying for it... Anyway, I was the first one done, so I either went too fast, or knew the stuff. Hopefully the latter of the two.

Oh! Justin and I got a bed! On tuesday we got the mattress and box spring, and on Thursday we got the frame and headboard. I spent four hundred dollars this week! Intense. Plus gas. :P I hate buying gas. At least it was only $1.79! Woot! Apparently the average in the state of AZ yesterday (the day I filled up) was $1.928. I was way below! And one year ago, the average for AZ was $3.29. Blech! Glad we're not up there!

When in doubt, blog about gas. :D

So, I found out that I can no longer work on saturdays in the financial office, which is bad to find out when you are in need of money. I was able to talk to my supervisor though, and the week after next (they already have the schedule for next week) they're going to train me for front office, so I can work in one of the offices on some saturdays. It's good that they are willing to help me get more hours.

We also got cubicles when we moved into the new office, and at first I didn't like this idea, but now that I've worked in them, I actually like my little 4X4. We can decorate it, and there's a window behind my desk. I brought in a mirror so I could see who wanted to talk to me (because someone left me a post-it note while I was on a call, and I didn't know who it was, so I didn't know who to tell that I had scheduled the appointment), and conveniently it also gives me a nice view of the window! Mine is the only cubicle with a view of trees :) Plus I put up pictures of my nieces and nephews, and of the temple, and of my fiance, and of the periodic table of elements... what? I'm not a nerd!

So apparently I actually do have stuff to blog about. Thanks for reading!

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