Thursday, April 2, 2009

BEDA: Blog Every Day April

So, my friend Allison mentioned in passing "BEDA" today, the 2nd of April. But didn't say what it was. So I google it, like a nerd, and find "The Bureau of European Design Association." Pretty sure that's not what she meant. After MUCH searching (okay it was only like three minutes), I figured it out! I actually was trying to think of random acronyms, and came up with it, and then found the website that confimed it! Blog Every Day April.

Why not? I blog... every now and then. I couldn't hurt to blog more. They might not always be the most interesting to read, but maybe it will make me feel better about myself because I'll realize just how much I actually get done in a day! Or maybe it will make me feel worse about myself... we'll see.

So, today, the second of April, 2009, I went to work, which was annoying. I don't feel like going into details, but it was not a pleasant experience. Then Justin and I went to my work open house for the new financial office, that was actually fun. Kristi and her family were there, she was catering, so naturally the food was spectacular. Plus it meant there were people there that I actually enjoy the company of! Fancy that! Then Justin and I went back to my house and just kind of chilled.

I think I'm going to try doing it sort of an every other day thing, where the even days I'll blog about my actual life, and the odd days I'll work on a short story. That could be fun. :-D

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Lindsay said...

I'm always down for a Lori story :)

Maybe now I can see some Bridal Shower pictures?