Saturday, April 11, 2009

Six Minute Blog

I only have six minutes before I miss another day. Better type fast.
Justin and I got approved for our apartment application! hooray! We'll be living in the Eastridge Apartments on Southern and McClintock. :) Yippee! Sometime soon we want to go measure stuff so we can start planning where everything will go.
Also, we got a bed! Frame, mattress, boxspring, headboard, everything for 400. The headboard/footboard/frame are all new, the mattress/boxspring are used, but still in good condition, and pillowtop!
Only 49 more days until the big day, and we continue to progress towards having everything ready. We picked a tux today, and found out a bit more about ordering a cake through Fry's. Didn't order it though. We apparently have to order it where we want to pick it up, so we'll have to go somewhere closer to Regency to order.
That's all for tonight. Thanks for reading!


RandiSue said...

Order a cake from Frys????

I don't do the best but I'm FREE!

Lindsay said...

Sounds like you guys are keeping busy!

Lori said...

My mom said we weren't going to ask anyone, because it's a big undertaking to make a wedding cake, and she didn't feel like we could ask someone to do it. She said unless someone offered, then we'd go with buying it.
Personally, I'd much rather have a family member do it than a grocery store, but it is a lot to ask someone to do, and we didn't want whoever we ask to feel like they can't say no.