Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brief break in the crazy

End of semester = busy.
This is the first day in about a week and a half (maybe two weeks, I can't recall) that I've been able to sit down and not do homework immediately when I get home! It's wonderful, and I'm enjoying it thoroughly. The rest of the week should be easy, just study for my french oral. Next week, however, right back into the crazy. Finals!
Wow, I can't believe next week is already finals! So close to being done... so... close.... Anyway, life has been great! We got all the invitations sent out, so for wedding plans, all that's left is the small details.
I don't really have anything exciting to talk about... life is great, but it mostly consists of school, work, homework, and spending time with Justin. Sorry I'm not more exciting.
Anyway, thanks for reading.

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Lindsay said...

Good luck on your finals!