Thursday, May 28, 2009

Move in

I am getting married in two days! Holy cow! I'm really excited!
We got the keys to our apartment on saturday so we could start moving stuff in, it was very exciting! And busy! Just thought I'd take a quick moment to post a few pics :) Here's the front room/family room
This is the dining areaThis is half of the kitchen. Yes, that's a kitchen aid :) Here's the other half of the kitchen.

That's the very empty bathroom.

Sink of the bathroom, to give an idea of how big it is :)

Here's the bedroom, with our California King size bed. We don't have a comfortor on there yet, but some ladies in Justin's ward made us a nice quilt that we'll use until we either get the comfortor or can buy it :)

This is the rest of the bedroom. Pretty empty right now, but as long as the man in the picture is there, I'm happy!

Tomorrow I have the day off work, I still need to get my room taken care of, get as much stuff gone as possible, and I need to get my nails done! Can't wait for saturday!!!


the weird neills said...

very cute! I hope you have a great day tomrrow!

Is you apt in Tempe? We rented a place eerily similar to that on Broadway a mile or so west of the 101... hmmm.

Can't wait to see it all done up!

Randi said...

I can't wait to see the pictures of it all done! :] Let me know if you need help at all!!

Lindsay said...

Looks very cute! How was Vegas and Flagstaff?