Thursday, June 25, 2009

Guess Who!

Yep, Mrs. Lori Clement. First post as a married woman!
Sorry for the delay, by the way. It's been a crazy three weeks!
I'll try to be brief and yet descriptive in my narrative.
Las Vegas was AWESOME! I think at some later point when the apartment is more settled I'll do a post just of that, with pictures and all. We went to the M&M world factory, where they had a LOT of super fun stuff, we walked around the strip, ate a delicious burger at New York New York, had yummy crepes in Paris, it was awesome. AND we got to see Blue Man Group since we didn't have to pay for the hotel (thanks again Mom and Dad!), and it was DEFINITELY worth the cost of the tickets. Oh man, it was hilarious! If you ever get the opportunity to go, DO IT! Justin and I were cracking up the whole time, it was very family friendly, a small theatre so it was nice and personal, a great show.
That's all on Vegas for now, more later I promise.
The rest of the two weeks have been spent in an attempt to both work close to full time, and settle the apartment into a semblance of a livable situation. It's getting there, slowly but surely. The front room is pretty good, especially after I went through the ads today and threw out a bunch of excess papers. The kitchen is pretty well set up as well, since I use that room a LOT. :) The bathroom is nice as well, the main problems lie in the bedroom. Still a few boxes and such, no nightstands (although today I did concoct sort-of nightstands, made of boxes stacked and covered in a sheet!).
That's all I have time for today, I have to go get started on dinner, but I'll post again... eventually. I'd say soon, but realistically, it probably won't be soon. :)

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Lindsay said...

Yay post! I've been quite interested in hearing more about your honeymoon other than "they had a good time" lol. The M&M's 3D movie gave me a headache, but the rest was cool!