Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Teeth Extravaganza

I totally remember loving these movies when I was little. Timmy the Tooth!
So, yesterday I had five teeth ripped violently from my head. It was an experience I hope never to repeat.
You may be reading that sentence and asking, five? I thought she said she has TWO extra teeth!
Well, we'll get to that, don't you worry.
So, I was lucky enough to have my fiance with me in the office. He could be in the room during the extraction, but he was there right up until I walked into the room, and he was there when I walked out to sit in the "rest" area. So that was nice.
They numbed me up, and it worked really fast! By the time they had finished the last shot, the first area was ready to be worked on! So they go in and remove the two teeth in the upper left area, then go down to the lower left, then they work on the right side. And they are digging around in the upper right area for the second tooth, and they can't find it. So they assume they read the x-ray wrong. So they finish up and send me into the rest area, where I sit for about five to ten minutes. Now, when the doctor was leaving the room, I almost said, wait, I thought the extra tooth was in the bottom right. But I figured, he's the doctor, and also I couldn't really talk. So I shrug my shoulders and leave the room. But then the doctors comes into the rest area and says, let me have another look at you.
Great! I was right. Go figure. So he's pushing around, and asks, is that tender? Well yeah, you had me sitting for like ten minutes before you figured it out, the numbess is wearing off. So he numbed me up again, and said he thought the tooth might be covered by a thin layer of bone. So he takes out his DRILL and is drilling away at my bone, and comes to the conclusion that what he saw on the x-ray is not actually a tooth, just a denser area of bone.
So, that was fun. Sure gave me a lot of faith in him as a dentist. Oh wait, no, no it didn't.
So then I spent yesterday bleeding a lot, eating ice cream, pudding, apple sauce, and mashed potatoes, and basically doing a whole lot of nothing. Still pretty sore today, and can't really open my mouth all the way. Plus I woke up with a sore throat. I'm not sure if that's related to the wisdom teeth being removed, or if I have the luck of getting sick on top of it, but either way it's not fun. I sound like a frog. The worst thing though is that it hurts to swallow, because it puts a bit of pressure on the areas where there are no teeth any more. And humans swallow a lot more than they realize, until they are made very much aware of each swallow. Not just food, but saliva, that's the worst part.
Well, I'll stop complaining now, just thought the lack of a six tooth story was interesting. Thanks for reading!


Lindsay said...

Nick is extremely distrustful of the dentist. If this had happened to him, it would probably be next to impossible to ever get him back in the dentist's chair, haha. At least they're out and hopefully you'll heal up soon!

RandiSue said...

What? No knock out juice, I'm proud of you tough girl!!

PS-I think I deleted the cake pics, do you still have some you could resend, I can do without but it would just be nice to reference.