Sunday, February 22, 2009

Loooong day

Yesterday was a very long day. I woke up and went to work (7-12), then I was home for about twenty to thirty minutes, then Justin and I went to a Korean Bbq, which, by the way, if you've never had, you are missing out. It was incredibly delicious. Mmm... meat... It was a group of people from the business college, there's some club thing for business college people that Justin is in, so I didn't really know anyone, but it was still fun :-).
After that, we went to Target and Bed Bath and Beyond and registered! Holy cow, registering is a lot of work. It's so much easier at Target, they just give you the little gun and let you be, but at BBaB, they talk your ear off first, telling you all sorts of things you don't care about. And then they had us look through this huge book of dinnerware. Part way through, I asked if they had a display of dinnerware in the store so we could just look at it in person (because I was pretty sure they did), but she said they didn't. So, finally we manage to evade making a decision from the book, and we manage to get away from the lady, and lo and behold, they have a display of plates. Lots of plates and bowls and cups. So, that was annoying. Crazy lady. Anyway, we got that all figured out, which is nice to have done with. The only things we still need to register for is a vacuum (I have no idea how to pick a vacuum) and bedding, because we're not sure which size bed we'll be getting. It is pretty nice to already have quite a few things, like a cutting board, cookie jar, pots and pans (!! thank goodness I didn't have to figure THAT out. Thanks mom!), and other various things.
Our next big task: find an apartment!
Thanks for reading!