Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fixing an error

So, apparently when I said we picked our colors, people wanted to know what they are... not sure why, but whatever... ;-)

Anyway, blue and black. The dresses are going to have a black bodice with a blue skirt. It's kind of like the blue in this picture, except slightly different. A bit darker, and a hint of green. But it was the closest I could find.

Incidentally, funny story as to how we picked them. I was looking at my socks one day, and I thought to myself, you know, I have like, five pairs of socks with this same colors scheme. Obviously I like these colors. And so, we went to the fabric store and I brought a pair of socks, and held them up to different blues until we found the closest match. :-D I know, I'm crazy, but it works! That night, before we went to the fabric store, the night I had the revelation about the socks, I showed my socks to Justin and said, what do you think of this shade of blue? Haha I thought that was worth sharing.

Thanks for reading!