Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I hate titles.

So... I haven't blogged in a while, and I don't know what all I haven't talked about. And frankly, I don't feel like going back and figuring out what I've already mentioned... so, you may get repeats, or you may not get it all, but, oh well. At least you're getting something!
This past weekend Justin and I went and looked at apartments! There are a lot of apartments in the valley! We went to just a few this past saturday, but there's one that is pretty promising. We'll continue looking though, no final decision.
I'm on Spring Break! Woohoo! Except, not much of a break. I've got a lot to do. Homework, study for midterms, plan a wedding, the likes.
We also went and got our wedding invitations (or at least half of them, they only had part of what we needed, so we had to order the remaining boxes), and that was exciting! They are really pretty, and I'm excited to mail them out and invite people to come give me stuff ;-) And also to come to our wedding, that's important too.
It just keeps on getting closer! I can hardly stand it! I had one of my friends get married this last weekend, and she was so incredibly ecstatic, and I know, because she told me, she hadn't gotten hardly any sleep that whole week, but she was buzzing with energy. It was fun to go and see their reception, and to picture what ours will be like. Yay for indoors... and real food... and people we know... :)
Well, I lost my train of thought, because I'm picturing how lovely it will be to go to sleep when I finish, so, I'm going to cut this short.
Thanks for reading!


Lindsay said...

Lol, I hope you aren't keeping this up just for me :) Anything I am curious about I pester Nick to ask about on Sunday!

Good luck with the apartment and midterms!

What kinds of food for the reception?

Lori said...

Actually Justin has started pestering me too if I don't write often enough... not sure why, since I see him every day... :)


Sandwiches, because they are yummy :)