Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beautiful Clippie

Beautiful Clippie,
oh so pretty,
beautiful clippie,
fills me with glee.

Beautiful Clippie,
Oh I love you,
you are more beauti-
ful than a shoe.

Beautiful Clippie,
graceful and black,
at work you help to
keep me on track.

Beautiful Clippie,
life without you
is not worth living,
I would be blue.

Beautiful Clippie,
I must admit,
If you disappear,
I'll throw a fit.

Beautiful Clippie,
you are to me,
what Ginny Weasly
is to Harry.

Hooray! I remembered the fifth verse!!

Anyway, that was in case anyone was wondering how I occupy my time at work. I work at a doctors office, scheduling appointments. So I answer phones all day. So between calls, I write awesome lyrics! You may be wondering what is so special about this one particular clip. Well, it's one of those plastic clips you can put on the cord of the headset and then clip to your shirt to keep the wire from getting in the way (it also makes QUITE the fashion statement!), but it is different than the other clips we have for this purpose. Not that I've used it for its intended purpose, but that's okay, it does something better! The grippy part that would grab onto your shirt is kind of wavy, and on the other, lesser clips, it goes one way on half, and the other way on the other half. So where it goes up on one half, it goes down on the other, and vice versa. So it's essentially good for nothing. THIS clippie, on the otherhand, doesn't do that. It goes up and down, and can be used to emboss a border around a piece of paper! It's super awesome!
This is the kind of edge you can make with the beautiful clippie!
And on the very far left of this, you can see kind of what the beautiful clippie looks like!

So, if you couldn't tell, I don't have a whole lot to blog about. This week has been like any other. Super busy, getting back into the swing of things, getting a fatty lot of homework, yay for homework... 130 pages of reading a night for one class... blah! And it's not even a good book! Oh well, hopefully it will pick up... but yeah, nothing too much to write about. I'm starting to realize just how tricky this semester is going to be, with 17 credits, working part time, and planning a wedding. I didn't realize I'd have so much reading for one class! But anyway, it'll work out.
Thanks for reading!


Lindsay said...

I have much experience working behind a desk. These are classic and inevitable signs of the boredom it induces :)

Kristi Tolman said...

Maybe you can use the beautiful clippie to make your own wedding invitations! Awesome!!!