Saturday, May 1, 2010

An eventful two weeks

So, the next two weeks of my life will be very busy and exciting.
We have decided to move into the apartments on this side of town, because the ones in Glendale are very expensive, and we figured out it would be cheaper to have my husband commute every day than to pay the short term lease. Lots of other things were factored into the decision, but that was a big one. Being close to family and the temple will be nice too :)
We'll be moving pretty much right after finals, on the 15th, Justin will be starting his new job two days before that. Somehow I have to find time to pack amidst all the finals studying and last minute school projects. Wish me luck.
In addition to that, we'll find out right around mid-May what financial aid we'll be getting for next semester. Hopefully lots of grants!
ALSO around that time, I'll find out if I got the writing tutor job I applied for. I really hope I get it, because it would be a great transition from where I am now, it's close to what I actually want to do with my life (be an editor), it has flexible hours, I wouldn't have to drive from home to work to school to home every day, and I would actually really enjoy going to work. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Oh! And it would put me working in circles with a lot of the English department faculty, which might help me with getting a foot into the editing world. All in all, it would be a great opportunity.
So, if I don't blog in the next two weeks, that is why. I'll be crazy busy. BUT I will definitely blog with updates when I find out about financial aid and the job.
My aunt Randi Sue just did a contest on her blog, and it has me thinking - that would be really fun! I don't have time right now, but be looking out for one some time over the summer :)

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RandiSue said...

Wow, I think being an editor would be so cool. The author of one of the sewing blogs I read is an editor, I think of childrens book.

Another blog I read just did a piece on the Whitney Awards which are for LDS writers.

Whitney Awards.