Saturday, April 10, 2010

An uneventful month

My life is very consistent:
Sunday: church
Monday: school and homework
Tuesday: work and homework
Wednesday: school, homework, mutual
Thursday: work and homework
Friday: school, sometimes work, and either laundry or free evening with my hubby
Saturday: laundry (if not done friday), school work, house work, grocery shopping.

Then I start all over again. That's why I haven't blogged in a while. What is there to blog about?
Conference was really great. I definitely felt uplifted, and it was a good boost, just what I needed. I didn't really feel like a lot of the talks related directly to me right now (major theme, as I'm sure most people noticed, was parents raising kids, family family family. I have a very small family, and I'm sure those talks will be useful when I am raising kids, but right now, I'm more focused on other things). But the talks were still really good, and even if I didn't take direct messages from each and every talk, the spirit that was felt that weekend was a great buoy to my spirit.
This past week and going into next week is crazy for me. Wednesday I had a test in my musicals class, Friday a test in English and in History, Monday I'll have one in my Religions class, and Wednesday I'll have a French test. Out of my five classes, I have a test in every class between last Wednesday and next Wednesday. But, once next Wednesday is over, I don't have much between that and finals. One paper (somehow I only have one paper to write this semester... so much for English majors having to write a lot!), one homework assignment in English, and one French composition. That's all I have between next week and finals, a good two to three weeks of school.
Justin and I will be moving in May. Not sure where to yet... Justin might be getting a job in North Phoenix over summer, selling pest control. Apparently he could make up to $19,000 over the summer (which is right around what we made combined for the total of last year). It's highly based on commission, but from the info he's been given, he will likely make at least 10,000. He found it through RMJobs, so it's a reputable company, and Ashley even said she knew someone in her old ward who worked for the company. If he does get that job, I'm not sure what I'll do with myself. I would still work probably two days a week, to keep my job, but not more than that, because holy cow that's a long drive. So, I'd have lots of time to craft and write and read and finish his Christmas stocking! And probably get mindlessly bored. We'll see.
That's pretty much all that's going on over here, I've got some cupcakes cooking in the oven (see post below this, finally trying them in cupcake form), I'll post pictures later if I remember to take any.

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