Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Best Time to Blog

I've decided the best time to blog is when you don't want to do something else. Take, for example, me blogging right now, instead of starting my short story. Last time I blogged (admittedly a while ago) I should have been working on a lesson for young women's. I'm sure I'm not the only one, just an odd observation.
Three day weekends are wonderful. Yesterday, Justin and I went and saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I'd rate it the same as all Harry Potter movies: good, but didn't do the book justice. And amazingly, it's still in theatres! At the Hollywood theatres on Gilbert and Warner, if you see the first showing of the day, it's only five dollars per ticket, so we saw it for a combined ten dollars. Awesome. I can afford that, if you consider how often we see movies in the theatre... last one was Monsters Vs. Aliens. It came out in the end of March.
We also had the opportunity of eating crepes yesterday, which was great! Justin's family has a tradition of having crepes for dinner on fast sundays, but for various reasons, we haven't been able to have them since June :( So we talked to Justin's mom, who was kind enough to move crepes to monday this month, since we celebrated Cliff's birthday on sunday. Yay for yummy crepes!
That's all for now, if anyone has any good ideas for a science fiction or fantasy short story, feel free to let me know, I've got nothing.
Thanks for reading!


Kathy said...

How about special needs students that turn into werewolves on the bus.

Lindsay said...

lmao, your mom's answer has me laughing so I can't think of anything else!

RandiSue said...

I went camping this weekend and every night I wakened to this very high pitch long scream. Derril said "it must be human because I've never heard an animal like that." And I had thought "it must be an animal because it's sure no human". Finally on the last night Callie heard ittoo. All weekend we refered to it as the CHUPACABRA.

otm7171 said...

How about a keyboard that comes to life and kills the people using it when they are blogging instead of doing what they should be doing.
Or, how about a mother in law that poisons her daughter in law with crepes.