Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trial Number 1

So, here's attempt number one at being outgoing. My fantastic, supportive hubby helped me do it :)
We invited a few couples over to our house for Friday night. We bought a big lasagna a while ago because it was on super sale, and we'd have leftovers for a month if we ate it just the two of us, so we'll be eating that, with some other stuff, and have super yummy symphony brownies for dessert (brownies with a layer of symphony bar chocolate in the middle - I'll probably do either a ganache topping or just powdered sugar, depending on time), and then we'll play games after! I'm excited. And I have friday off of work - no idea why - so I'll be done with classes at 12:40, and have the afternoon to clean and prep. Hopefully it goes well. 
When planning this, we realized there are a lot of couples in the ward... too many for one night. So, we're planning another such night for sometime in March. 
Phase number two will be tomorrow - sitting by people at lunch, instead of upstairs where it's safe. Wish me luck!


Kathy said...

You can do it.

Allison said...

Good luck!
I really want some of those Symphony brownies... I'll have to make those one of these days. *daydreams*