Sunday, January 17, 2010


For Christmas this year I did a lot of home-made gifts. And now I am finally getting around to showing all of you!
For Dustin and Sarah, I made an ornament wreath (I stole the idea from Ashley, she's got lots to spare though.)

Theirs was actually slightly different, it had gold instead of silver, and a red bow, but you get the idea. This is the one I made for my own home.
For Benjamin and Curtis:

A lot of it was tracing, but pretty much everything I modified from the picture. The race track, garage, park and house were free hand, no tracing. Justin did a lot of coloring in the roads. He's so great :)
For Abigail:

For whatever reason I didn't take a normal picture of the tutu, I just took a crazy one of it on my head as a hat. At least I'm making a normal face in this one. I wish I had gotten a picture of Abigail wearing it though.
For Justin:

I bought the paper lantern at Michaels (on sale!) and wrote our name in Chinese. I think it turned out pretty good :) Plus look at those gorgeous books behind it... I'm such a nerd. (By the way, if you're wondering, from left to right, they are the complete works of: Douglas Adams [Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series], Lewis Carroll [Alice's Adventures in Wonderland] and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle [Sherlock Holmes]).
One of my coworkers just recently turned 66 (she's awesome), and we decided to celebrate. Someone brought in decorations, someone cookies, and I brought these cupcakes:

There's a reason for the ducks.

Our company recently got new insurance, and so they were giving away these Aflac stuffed ducks. They only gave out like three, and Phylis (the one who turned 66) got one of them. I would constantly talk about how cute it was, and it has now become the official duck of scheduling. We dress it up for the holidays (it's been a turkey, Santa Claus, a partier [for new years], and will soon be cupid). So, duck cupcakes! I think they turned out really cute! Ashley is the one who suggested how to do the ducks. I didn't have a cookie cutter that would fit on one cupcake, and there is no way I'm going to try to free-hand that. So it's a mosaic affect!
That's what's been keeping me busy lately.
And, as always, thanks for reading!
(P.S. I just posted two in a row, because I had a lot to blog about, so there's another new one just below this)

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RandiSue said...

clever, clever, especially love the wreath.